Long Ashton held an Open Fours Tournament which was won by Isle of Wedmore recently.

Wedmore held of the challenge of Chew Stoke and Congresbury after all three sides finished on eight points tio win with a shot difference of plus 43.

Runners-up Chew Stoke finished on eight shots behind, who in turn finished nine above Congresbury.

In fourth was Yatton Wickerman who finished with six points and a shot difference of plus 16. 

Long Ashton celebrated promotion to Division One of the Bristol League after beating third place Henleaze in last game of season. 

Long Ashton Club Championships. 

Men’s Singles: K Vass 21 M Givan 18.  Men’s Pairs: C Ramsden A Bowry 18 C Holloway E Rockey 6. Men’s Two Woods: M Givan 14  I Moore 13.  Men’s Novices: B Burke  22 T Latham 4.  Ladies Singles: A Moore 21 S Hall 16. Ladies Pairs: D Vass, A Pemble 25 J Osborne, A Moore 11. Ladies Two Woods: S Hall 18 L Taylor 9. Ladies Novices: A Pemble 21 U Eaton 6. Mixed Singles: A Hall 21 I Moore 12. Mixed Pairs: M Givan A Moore 19 I Moore S Hall 16.

Clevedon Promenade had a successful week from their last friendlies of the season. Despite a 102-75 defeat against Avon & Somerset Police, Clevedon Promenade went to beat Somerset County Juniors (81-67), Weston St Andrews (78-56) and Port of Bristol (52-39) to end their campaign on a high.
Clevedon Promenade 75 Avon &: Somerset Police (South) 102
J Grubb, C Drake, J Gover 10-15; C Fuidge, J Baker, C Jarrett 10-14; I Harding, S Davis, P Kinsella 16-21; M Wood, P Tottle, D Higley 10-16; C Roberts, M Coldwell, R Dowsing 22-10; A Tinkling, L Coombs, C Pratten 7-26.

Mixed Fours:

Clevedon Promenade 81 Somerset County Juniors 67

C Fuidge, C Jarrett, S Crombie, J Fuidge 23-19; J Barrow, P Tottle, S Fuidge, P Soper 24-15; A Tinkling, L Pedder, L Fitzpatrick, P Fuidge 16-12; J Coles, R Dowsing, R Soper, N Pedder 18-21.
Prom 70 Wotton under Edge 70 K Woodey, B Quantrill, M Griffiths, J Gover 14-19; K Ellis, V Ransome, T Schofield, V Hillier 8-21; T Partridge, C Drake, I Harding, C Jarrett 26-12; B Harris, G Rhodes, S Davis, D Hampton 22-18.

Men's Triples

Clevedon Promenade 78 Weston St Andrews 56

K Ellis, D Perham, I Harding 13-13; J Baker, P Tottle, P Pearce 23-0; T Partridge, C Roberts, P Kinsella 14-10; A Tinkling, M Cordwell, N Pedder 8-22; J Grubb, D Higley, K Morris 20-11.

Mixed Fours

Clevedon Promenade 52 Port of Bristol 39

M Gough, M Griffiths, D Evans, K Morris 19-17; S Martin, D Higley, L Fitzpatrick, S Crombie 17-11; L Manning, A Tinkling, S Davis, J Baker 16-11.