West Backwell Ladies Triples Day was cut slightly short as torrential rain left the green flooded.

A total of 24 teams took part in the event, which was sponsored by Parker's Estate Agents.

But the last game had to be abandoned due to the downpours, before organiser Cynthia Burgess thanked Lisa Staffieri of Parker's, who presented the cup and prize money to the winning team of Pat Groves, Joy Kelly and Margaret Excell of Portishead RBL.

North Somerset Times: Torrential rain left the green flooded at West Backwell Ladies Triples DayTorrential rain left the green flooded at West Backwell Ladies Triples Day (Image: West Backwell BC)


Somerset County League, West Backwell 74 Chew Stoke 56: S Henderson, R Bees, P Sims, A Knights 22-16; B Baker, A Robinson, B Budd, J Couch 18-28; K Dodd, D Rigg, B Gammon, D Rycroft 34-12.

Over 55s League, West Backwell 92 Chew Stoke 49: B Baker, S Henderson, A Robinson 33-1; G Ogden, R Langford, P Sims 25-15; G Brindle, I Wilson, K Dodd 22-10; T Bone, R Keightley, B Gammon 12-23.

West Backwell 69 Clevedon Prom 83: G Brindle, R Higgins, A Robinson 14-13; T Bone, D Rigg, B Gammon 12-18; A Shaw, R Bees, B Baker 12-14; D Morris, S Henderson, P Tracey 15-15; R Langford, I Wilson, K Dodd 15-23.

DRT League, West Backwell Ladies 57 Nailsea Ladies 42: D Gage, S Bucknell, J Keightley, C Burgess 28-6; J Ratcliffe, F Ogden, M Vivian, P Bell 14-16; S Budd, K Pugsley, J Harvey, H Fryer 15-20.

West Backwell Ladies 44 St Andrew’s Ladies 55: S Bucknell, C Pugsley, G Higgins, R Holloway 10-16; S Matley, K Pugsley, J Jones, M Vivian 18-21; S Budd, F Ogden, J Keightley, J Harvey 16-18.