Clevedon Bowling Club's men claimed the Turnbull Cup after a tense battle with Ilminster in the final.

The match went down to the last end on the final two rinks, but Clevedon came out on top on their home turf by six shots.

They also won all five rinks in the Charity Shield to collect a cheque for £250 for the club's chosen charity Diabetes UK,

Ten clubs take part in the competition, each putting a rink of four at five venues.

And Clevedon claimed a clean sweep, as S Fallows, T Townsend, R Conybeare and D Brightman won 16-12 at Congresbury and B Squire, G Woods, P Branfield and N Pearce triumphed 16-11 at Clevedon.

J Tabor, S Lewis, F Ham and G Aldridge were 14-10 winners at Long Ashton, as S Thorne, J Franklin, J Brommage and C Pearce eased to a 20-7 win at Portishead and M Cole, P Battram, I Stocker and N Westlake had a 23-5 success at Isle of Wedmore.

"Clevedon would like to thank all the officials for organising the evening and Congresbury for being the hosts," said a club spokesperson.

"We look forward to hosting at Clevedon next year."

The club also received a cheque for £150 for finishing second in the Britannia Windows Evening League.


Turnbull Cup, Clevedon 61 Bath 47: R Lord, D Harding, G Aldridge, N Pearce 15-12; PJ Branfield, R Conybeare, G Jay, N Westlake 14-15; S Thorne, C Pearce, F Ham, JP Branfield 13-12; A Mace, A Bradley, M Davis, D Brightman 19-8.

Wessex League, Clevedon 41 Congresbury 54: G Townsend, N Stride, S George, J Drewitt 22-12; D Franklin, J Helliker, M Foster, T Cuff 12-24; L Wills, S Knight, M Davis, JQ Branfield 7-18.

NSL, Clevedon 39 Clevedon Prom 59: M Davis, M Foster, D Simmonds 8-28; S Knight, S George, C Pearce 16-12; G Townsend, J Helliker, JQ Branfield 15-19.

Over-55s, Clevedon 64 Portishead RBL 107: A George, S Thorne, R Conybeare 15-17; S Lewis, P Battram, J Brommage 12-22; M Horton, T Townsend, P Evans 13-28; G Roberts, B Davis, J Franklin 9-22; R Gaunt, D Greenslade, S Withers 15-18.

SCL N1, Clevedon 43 Burnham 80: M Brewer, C Bethune, B Davis, J Franklin 14-32; S Fallows, S Lewis, T Steer, P Evans 19-15; M Cole, P Battram, T Townsend, J Brommage 10-33.

Premier A, Clevedon 48 Taunton 49: S Thorne, A Bradley, G Aldrige, D Brightman 11-17; R Conybeare, C Pearce, G Jay, N Westlake 15-22; R Lord, D Harding, L Stocker, N Pearce 22-10.