Clevedon Bowls Club and Clevedon Prom joined forces to host the 13th Clevedon Tournament.

Despite scorching temperatures, local bowlers competed against players from across the country to provide spectators with an exciting week of action.

Competitions took place in men's and women's singles, pairs, triples and mixed pairs, with matches alternating between the greens of both host clubs.

And a fiercely fought finals day at Clevedon BC, on one of the hottest days of the year, saw prizes handed out to the various winners.

Women: singles McMillan (St Andrews) beat Pearce (Clevedon) 21-6; pairs Taylor & King (Congresbury) bt McMillan & Edwards (Rugby) 20-6; triples Byett, King, Herbison (Congresbury) bt Henderson, Crombie, Lowman (Clevedon Prom) 22-12.

Men: singles Matthews (Woodbridge) bt Harding (Prom) 21-15; pairs Ham & Adridge (Clevedon) bt Smith (Prom) & Mathews (Woodbridge) 18-12; triples Angove, Stocker, Stocker (St Andrews) bt Ham, Aldridge, Branfield (Prom) 18-7.

Mixed pairs: Harrison & Shipway (Congresbury) bt Starr & Adridge (Prom).

Other results

Premier A, Clevedon 59 Street 42: F Ham, C Pearce, G Aldridge, N Westlake 20-18; R Lord, M Davis, L Stocker, N Pearce 16-18; A Mace, A Bradley, G Jay, D Brightman 23-6.

SCL NI, Clevedon 65 Chew Stoke 58: J Tabor, C Bethune, T Townsend, R Conybeare 28-16; S Fallows, P Battram, K Bristow, J Franklin 25-15; S Lewis, M Brewer, B Davis, J Brommage 12-17.

Premier A, Clevedon 76 Purnells 46: A Mace, A Bradley, G Jay, M Davis 33-12; R Lord, D Harding, F Hay, L Stocker 16-16; G Woods, C Pearce, G Aldrige, D Brightman 27-18.

C&D Evening, Clevedon 100 W Backwell 72: R Lord, E Kitchen, F Ham, M Davis 17-15; B Squire, M Brewer, R Conybeare, D Brightman 17-14; S Thorne, S Fallows, J Brommage, C Pearce 31-14; S Lewis, T Townsend, G Woods, G Jay 18-15; J Tabor, P Battram, J Franklin, A Bradley 17-14.

Turnbull Cup, Clevedon 88 Portishead RBL 53: S Thorne, C Pearce, F Ham, JP Branfield 20-11; A Mace, A Bradley, M Davis, D Brightman 22-10; R Lord, D Harding, L Stocker, N Pearce 31-11; PJ Branfield, S Withers, G Jay, N Westlake 15-21.

Friendly, Clevedon 85 Madison Thicket 141: C Bancroft, A George, G Townsend, T Townsend 16-25; M Kitchen, D Badman, E Kitchen, D Brightman 18-24; K Hipkiss, R Hipkiss, S Clarke, S Thorne 10-29; C Ludlam, S Nicholson, S Tabor, G Aldridge 20-16; D Watts, S Hellocare, M Davis, B Davis 8-27; S Brand, E Brand, N Stride, R Conybeare 13-20.

Premier A, Clevedon 60 Bristol 67: R Lord, M Davis, L Stocker, N Pearce 25-21; F Ham, C Pearce, JP Branfield, N Westlake 19-19; A Bradley, G Aldridge, G Jay, D Brightman 16-17.

SCL N1, Clevedon 54 Clarence 54: S Thorne, C Bethune, S Withers, R Conybeare 16-21; P Battram, B Davis, T Steer, D Harding 18-15; S Lewis, T Townsend, J Franklin, J Brommage 20-18.

NSL, Clevedon 33 Portishead RBL 55: D Franklin, A Ford, C Pearce 15-22; S Knight, M Foster, T Cuff 10-19; L Wills, K Hill, JQ Branfield 8-14.

Clevedon 113 Long Ashton 62: B Squire, S Fallows, R Conybeare, D Brightman 19-12; S Lewis, M Cole, A Bradley, C Pearce 20-20; S Thorne, C Bethune, J Franklin, JP Branfield 31-9; J Tabor, P Battram, F Ham, M Davis 23-12; R Lord, M Brewer, E Kitchen, G Aldridge 20-9.

C&D over-55s, Clevedon 63 Isle of Wedmore 87: M Brewer, P Battram, T Steer 8-13; C Bancroft, D Iles, J Franklin 14-18; S Lewis, C Bethune, R Cuff 13-19; G Roberts, K Bristow, M Cole 13-19; R Gaunt, S Fallows, B Davis 15-16.

Turnbull Cup, Clevedon 98 Knowle 50: R Conybeare, PJ Branfield, F Ham, N Pearce 23-15; S Thorne, S Withers, M Davis, JP Branfield 17-13; R Lord, M Harding, C Pearce, L Stocker 26-18; A Mace, A Bradley, G Aldridge, D Brightman 32-4.

Clevedon Prom

Wessex League, Prom Ladies 44 Congresbury 42: J Stuckey, J Coles, J Henderson, S Lowman 18-12; J Morris, L Welling, B Young, S Sharp 15-11; M Gough, L Manning, L Fitzpatrick, S Farnden 11-19.

Mixed Friendly, Prom 61 Loughborough Greenfields 51: K Ellis, P Tottle, L Pedder, L Fitzpatrick 14-8; T Schofield, J Stuckey, S Davis. J Gover 33-4; J Barrow, K Hucker, P Soper, A Young 6-21; J Coles, N Stuckey, A Elsy, D Hampton 8-18.