Clevedon Bowling Club recently enjoyed an exciting afternoon of action when Australia came for a friendly practice ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Wanting to play on the same green as legendary bowler David Bryant, the Jackaroos treated the spectators to some spectacular bowls against a selected team from the hosts and Visibility Bowls England.

All seven rinks were in action for triples, fours and para-lawn bowls pairs.

North Somerset Times: Clevedon duo Steph Branfield and Laura Holden won medals in the Bowls European Championships in Scotland.Clevedon duo Steph Branfield and Laura Holden won medals in the Bowls European Championships in Scotland. (Image: Clevedon Bowls Club)

In other bowling news Clevedon pair Steph Branfield and Laura Holden won medals in the European Championships in Scotland.

Branfield won gold in the singles and pairs while Holden claimed a silver in the triples and bronze in the fours.

Portishead Bowls Club enjoyed a successful week.

They picked up victories in both Clevedon & District Over-55s and Somerset Bowls Association North 1 against West Backwell and Burnham-on-Sea.

Nailsea picked up two wins and one defeat from their three games last week.

Despite losing in the Somerset County League to West Backwell Nailsea they bounced back in the Clevedon & District evening league with a one-shot victory.

Nailsea then secured a big win over the Templars by 128 shots to 70.

Clevedon Promenade Club had a mixed run of results last week.

Prom secured a place in the next round of the North Somerset Cup after a close fought 92-88 victory against local rivals Clevedon and beat Frampton-on-Severn and Tetbury in mixed friendlies.

There was also success for the ladies in the Wessex League with successive 62-39 victories over Clevedon.

But defeats in Clevedon & District over-55s, to Wedmore, and in both the Weston over-60s and Fear Cup against Portishead RBL.

But Clevedon Prom did pick up a thrilling 47-47 draw in Wessex League with Wessex.

Long Ashton were defeated in the Clevedon & District League and Bristol League by Portishead RBL and Bradley Stoke.

But they ensured there would be something to celebrate with victory in the DRT League against West Backwell.

Results, C&D Over-55s: Portishead 88 West Backwell 81: D Girling, D Taylor, M Berryman 19-11; B Sexton, N Dale, G Norris 21-19; D Moncrieffe, K Gaubert, E Daisley 16-13; D Poulston, T Benford, A Reader; 12-24; T Downey, R Hawkins, R Brake 20-14.

SBA League N1, Portishead 57 Burnham-on-Sea 51: N Morrissey, D Linsdale, R Hawkins, R Brake 17-16; B Sexton, G Lawrence, D Taylor, M Berryman 13-26; G Norris, D Poulston, T Benford, E Daisley 27-9.

Somerset League, Nailsea 47 West Backwell 70: J Prince, T Harvey, R Griffiths, I Blatchford 20-33; M West, D Leach, B Powell, J Whitear 13-20; D Hole, D Clark, J Hall, D Flower 14-17.

C&D Evening, Nailsea 80 West Backwell 79: A Hassell, R Eyers, D Clark, D Hole 18-14; D Edler, S Arthur, T Harvey, I Blatchford 18-19; M West, P Glanville, A Webber, J Whitear 15-16; D Topps, N Hobson, J Hall, D Flower, 12-21; D Leach, S Harris, R Chappell, R Griffiths 17-9.

Weston over-60s, Nailsea 128 Templars 70: K Westcott, J Knight, D Hole 21-11; D Leach, C Winter, R Webber 14-13; P Onion, J Gardner, J Prince 29-11; L Byford, R Hassell, M Keats 19-11; S Harris, T Dyer, I Blatchford 28-8; K Bradbury, T Harvey, J Whitear 17-16.

County League North 3, Prom 72-62: C Roberts, I Ford, R Lowman, P Kinsella 19-15; A Tinkling, R Dowsing, M Cordwell, D Higley 28-23; P Tottle, D Perham, J Gover, P Pearce 25-24.

C&D over-55s, Prom 84 Wedmore 112: R Dowsing, B Harris, G Warren 23-8; A Alvis, N Pedder, P Kinsella 13-15; T Schofield, D O'Connor, K Low 13-15; P Tottle, T Derrick, D Hampton 14-34; S Anslow, J Gover, P Pearce 8-21; A Tinkling, M Cordwell, D Evans 11-19.

Mixed friendly, Prom 70 Tetbury 68: J Stuckey, V Hollier, N Pedder, A Young 23-13; T Schofield, L Pedder, J Gover, S Lowman 11-25; N Stuckey, R Lowman, K Morris, K Low 15-16; C Roberts, H Legge, B Young, P Fuidge 21-14.

Weston over-60s, Prom 98 Portishead RBL 116: J Baker, K Low, H Williams 21-17; J Grubb, R Lowman, P Kinsella 19-20; P Tottle, I Harding, A Young 8-28; A Tinkling, A Alvis, P Pearce 19-15; E Trace, G Warren, C Crees 13-17; C Roberts, D Hampton, D Demery 18-19.

C&D Evening, Prom 70 Clevedon 84: A Tinkling, G Warren, A Young, J Powell 9-21; S Fuidge, D Hampton, C Jarrett, M Davis 12-23; I Harding, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 24-15; D Evans, D Hollier, P Bissett, H Williams 13-15; C Roberts, K Low, A Smith, J Fuidge 12-10.

North Somerset Cup, Prom 92 Clevedon 88: D Hollier P Fuidge, K Low, P Bassett 13-26; J Baker, R Dowsing, A Young, M Davis 18-17; S Fuidge, D Higley, A Smith, J Fuidge 18-15; C Roberts, G Warren, C Jarrett, H Williams 16-15; I Harding, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 27-15.

Mixed friendly, Prom 91 Frampton-on-Severn 68: A Tinkling, H Legge, K Morris 17-9; N Stuckey, P Tottle, E Perham 23-17; T Neale, S Martin, J Gover 14-16; K Hucker, J Baker, S Anslow 20-13; J Cole, D Perham, J Morris 17-13.

Wessex League, Prom Ladies 62 Clevedon 39: J Morris, J Coles, B Young, M Dyer 26-10; E Perham, J Henderson, J Hulin, S Crombie 13-19; V Hollier, V Ransome, L Fitzpatrick, P Soper 23-10.

Wessex League, Clevedon 39 Prom 62: L Wills, J Hellier, M Foster, JQ Branfield 10-23; G Townsend, C Neal, T Cuff, C Pearce 19-13; M Davis, D Franklin, A Ford, J Drewit 10-26.

C&D Evening, Clevedon 84 Prom 70: S Lewis, C Bethune, R Conybeare, D Brightman 21-9; J Tabor, R Cuff, J Franklin, G Jay 15-24; M Brewer, D Iles, J Brommage, A Bradley 10-12; R Lord, P Battram, T Townsend, M Davis 15-13; S Thorne, S Fallows, G Aldridge, J Branfield 23-12.

Top Club, Clevedon 2 Street 2 (56-73): S Branfield 21-12; J Drewitt, S Short 6-28; M Foster, JQ Branfield, L Holden 16-13; G Townsend, A Ford, T Cuff, C Pearce 12-20.

NS KO Cup, Clevedon 89 Prom 91: R Lord, J Franklin, G Aldridge, N Pearce 18-17; A Mace, P Battram, P Evans, L Stocker 15-27; P Manning, S Withers, F Ham, J Branfield 15-18; S Thorne, C Bethune, R Conybeare, D Brightman 15-16; S Fallows, T Townsend, A Bradley, C Pearce 26-13.

Somerset League, Clevedon 71 Banwell 42: S Fallows, E Kitchen, B Davis, J Franklin 24-11; M Brewer, C Bethune, P Evans, R Conybeare 19-17; P Battram, T Townsend, T Steer, M Dicks 28-14.

Fear Cup, Clevedon 46 Portishead RBL 66: L Wills, A Ford, J Drewit, S Short 14-24; G Townsend, T Nicholson, S George, O Starr 14-24; M Davis, M Foster, T Cuff, C Pearce 12-28.

Wessex League, Clevedon 47 Wessex 47: G Townsend, T Nicholson, T Cuff, T Simmond 23-12; L Wills, M Davis, J Drewitt, A Ford 11-22; S George, J Helliker, M Foster, JQ Branfield 13-13.

C&D Over-55s, Clevedon 65 Chew Stoke 68: S Fallows, G Woods, D Brightman 21-14; J Tabor, T Townsend, C Pearce 25-18; M Hurton, P Battram, J Franklin 8-21; M Brewer, M Cole, P Evans 11-15.

C&D League, Long Ashton 56 Portishead RBL 97: M Wring, B Day, A Bowry, A Hall 14-21; C Norman, P Wakeley, C Ramsden, M Pemble 15-12; M Harding, B Burke, K Vass, E Russell 12-21; C Holloway, J Gann, C Randall, B Brice 5-23; C Warren, D Moore, E Rockey, M Givan 10-20.

Bristol League, Long Ashton 40 (2) Bradley Stoke 60 (8): C Ramsden, A Bowry, M Pemble, M Givan 21-18; D Moore, B Brice, A Hall, K Vass 12-20; I Moore, D Odey, E Russell, M Taylor 9-22.

DRT League, Long Ashton 57 West Backwell 39: D Vass, S Norman, L Taylor, C Bennett 29-9; J Osborne, A Pemble, A Moore, S Hall 13-15; S Buxton, K Ramsden, K Gough, M Wilmott 15-15.

BRW League, West Backwell 79 Nailsea 80: P Baynton, I Wilson, R Spragg, A Knights 14-18; P Davison, P Tracey, B Budd, J Couch 16-15; S Henderson, A Shaw, D Rigg, B Gammon 19-18; G Ogden, P Coombs, B Bees, D Rycroft 9-17; G Brindle, B Baker, R Pike, A Robinson 21-12.

Over-55s League, West Backwell 80 Clevedon 87: D Morris, G Brindle, A Robinson 27-9; T Lovell, R Price, B Baker 11-21; R Spragg, A Shaw, D Rigg 17-19; S Lewis, G Ogden, R Pike 10-14; T Bone, A Webber, B Gammon 15-24.

West Backwell 81 Portishead 88: S Lewis, B Budd, R Pike 11-19; S Henderson, B Bees, A Robinson 19-21; T Bone, D Rigg, B Gammon 24-12; T Lovell, G Ogden, B Baker 13-16; A Webber, R Keightley, P Tracey 14-20.

DRT League, West Backwell Ladies 39 Long Ashton Ladies 57: J Keightley, S Budd, P Bell, C Burgess 15-13; F Ogden, G Higgins, J Ratcliffe, R Holloway 15-15; C Pugsley, K Pugsley, M Vivian, P Kingston 9-29

Frank Harvey Fours: winners: Sally Bucknell, Pauline Bell, B Bees, J Couch; finalists: G Brindle, Emma Price, Debra Rycroft, D Rycroft.