North Somerset Athletic Club's Luke Hanson is looking to raise money for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation having completed a mammoth running challenge.

Hanson travelled to Croatia to run a total of 260km over a six-day period, with 10,500m of elevation through mountainous terrain.

And he admitted it was the toughest thing he has ever done, having finished as the first runner back on all stages.

He said: "The running was incredibly challenging, the pace was slow as it was very steep and the technical terrain made it often more like mountaineering.

"The temperature was around 28 degrees celsius and the stages varied in length, with stage four the longest at 77km and starting at 4am, which is tough when you have 125km in your legs from the preceding three days!

"Evenings were spent in camp recovering and preparing for the following day. It was the toughest physical challenge I've taken on, but thoroughly rewarding."

North Somerset Times: Luke Hanson on day three of his running challenge in CroatiaLuke Hanson on day three of his running challenge in Croatia (Image: Phil Hill/PH Balance)

And Hanson's outstanding performance at the event has earned him a trip back to the European mainland, as he added: "My cumulative time was more than four hours shorter than the next runner.

"As a result, I have been invited to the UltraX multi-day ultra-running World Championships in Slovenia."

The event in Croatia was organised to raise money for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation, who support victims of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Hanson said: "Some years ago my wife Elly was working with a charity providing safe houses for victims of modern slavery.

"I heard about TRIBE Freedom Foundation, unfortunately a chronic injury sidelined me for most of 2019, I caught Covid in January 2020 and suffered with long Covid for the rest of the year.

"In 2021 I got Covid again and some of my long Covid symptoms returned. I've not been able to do any specific training.

"Doing the equivalent of a marathon each day for six days and the daily average of 2,000m vertical makes this a pretty serious undertaking.

"Hopefully this inspires people to give generously to a cause that is not well recognised in the UK but is a very serious issue the war in Ukraine will have greatly exacerbated."

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