Nailsea Ladies Bowls Club held their long awaited Ladies Triples Tournament after the enforced break due to Covid last month.

The weather on the day was more like April but, with the added incentive of cake as well as strawberries and cream, the teams bowled through with enthusiasm.

Some 14 teams in all competed for the illustrious title and after a long day of competitive action the eventual winners were one of the teams from Poppies at Portishead, The Royals.

The trio of Margaret Excell, Joy Kelly and Helen Nunton performed excellently to hold off second placed The Posset Girls and third placed Trouble to take home the crown.

Results: Somerset County League, Nailsea 46 Banwell 65: M West, T Harvey, R Griffiths, J Whitear 15-18; A Billington, M Keates, D Hole, I Blatchford 16-19; J Hall, D Clark, B Powell, D Flower 15-28.

Nailsea 50 Winscombe A 65: J Hall, T Harvey, D Clark, D Flower 23-19; J Prince, D Edler, R Griffiths, J Whitear 15-19; A Billington, D Leach, D Hole, I Blatchford 12-27.

Clevedon & District over-60s, Nailsea 63 RBL 146: T Harvey, D Topps, R Webber 11-26; S Arthur, S Harris, J Whitear 10-22; K Westcott, T Dyer, I Blatchford 9-20; D Clapp, D Leach, M Keats 14-33; P Glanville, K Patel, B Powell 7-30; P Onion, C Winter, D Edler 12-15.

Clevedon & District Evening League, Nailsea 61 Clevedon 105: M West, S Arthur, D Edler, J Whitear 10-19; K Patel, S Harris, D Hole, B Powell 4-21; P Miller, D Nicholls, R Chappell, R Griffiths 15-27; D Leach, N Hobson, T Harvey, I Blatchford 15-21; D Topps, D Clark, J Hall, D Flower 17-17.

North Somerset Bowls Association Four Dimensions, Nailsea 74 Burnham 63: singles I Blatchford 21-10; pairs D Hole, J Whitear 19-20; triples D Edler, D Clark, D Flower 14-15; fours M West, P Gillard, B Powell, R Griffiths 20-18.

Weston Knock out Cup, Nailsea 75 Crusaders 82: J Hall, P Gillard, D Flower 11-19; D Topps, J Prince, R Griffiths 17-18; T Billington, C Winter, B Powell 15-14; P Onion, J Knight, I Blatchford 18-12; D Hole, M Keats, J Whitear 14-19.