Clevedon Promenade held their successful Ladies Open Triples Day last week.

It was kindly sponsored again by The Hawthorns and representative Aggie Janinski presented the shield and prizes to the winning team from Nailsea.

In second, third and fourth were Yatton, Clevedon Promenade and Olveston BC and the event was a great success, with clubs entering from Bristol and Somerset.

Elsewhere, Clevedon Prom had a mixed week as they recorded triumphs against Weston St Andrews (North 2), North Petherton and Yeovil (Premier 2), Ascombe Park (North 3), Yatton (Turnbull Cup), Clarence Park Ladies and Portishead (North Somerset Triples).

However, they suffered losses to Nailsea (Clevedon & District) and Pewsey Vale (mixed friendly) and drew with Portishead RBL (C&D Evening league).

Results, County League North 2, Prom A 84 Weston St Andrews 35: K Hill, A Alvis, S Anslow, A Young 42-4; C Roberts, D Hollier, G Warren, C Jarrett 13-23; J Grubb, R Lowman, R Soper, M Davis 29-8.

Premier 2, Prom 64 North Petherton 52: S Fuidge, P Fuidge, A Young, M Davis 26-19; I Harding, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 18-17; K Hill, P Bissett, A Smith, J Fuidge 20-16.

Prom 75 Yeovil 37: J Powell, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 20-12; P Bissett, H Williams, A Smith, J Fuidge 37-8; S Fuidge, P Fuidge, A May, J Bartlett 18-17.

North 3, Prom 60 Ashcombe Park 51: R Cranshaw, D Evans, R Dowsing, D Hampton 21-11; A Tinkling, T Partridge, J Gover, P Kinsella 14-25; P Tottle, D Perham, D Higley, P Pearce 25-15.

Clevedon & District Over-55s, Prom 81 Nailsea 109: T Schofield, K Low, R Lowman 8-24; R Dowsing, M Cordwell, D Higley 15-16; S Martin, N Pedder, M Davis 11-17; I Harding, D Hampton, P Pearce 9-18; J Grubb, J Gover, A Young 13-19; C Roberts, S Anslow, D Evans 25-15.

Weston Over-60s, Prom 73 Clarence Park 97: C Roberts, N Pedder, D Hampton 12-24; A Alvis, M Cordwell, H Williams 16-16; B Harris, S Anslow, R Lowman 12-18; T Partridge, J Gover, A Young 18-18; N Stuckey, K Hill, D Higley 15-21.

C&D Evening League, Prom 86 Portishead RBL 86: K Hill, G Warren, K Low, J Powell 10-22; A Tinkling, D Higley, C Jarrett, D Demery 23-14; I Harding, D Hampton, P Fuidge, C Crees 16-12; S Fuidge, A Alvis, A Smith, J Fuidge 19-19; C Roberts, D Evans, P Bissett, M Davis 18-19.

Turnbull Cup, Prom 75 Yatton 71: S Fuidge, P Fuidge, C Jarrett, A May 19-16; K Hill, G Warren, A Smith, J Fuidge 22-17; P Bissett, A Young, M Davis, H Williams 5-24; I Harding, K Morris, D Demery, C Crees 29-14.

Mixed friendly, Prom 65 Pewsey Vale 88: J Barrow, E Schofield, M Cordwell 30-10; T Schofield N Stuckey, R Lowman 15-23; G Rhodes, L Welling, R Soper 13-8; A Tinkling, S Davis, D Hampton 16-14; C Drake, P Tottle, P Soper 14-10.

Ladies North Somerset Triples, Prom 41 Clarence Park 32: V Hollier, L Fitzpatrick, P Soper 12-16; J Stuckey, J Henderson, S Sharp 15-13; L Pedder, B Young, E Perham 14-3.

Prom 54 Portishead 53: C Fuidge, B Young, S Lowman 26-9; J Morris, L Pedder, E Perham 7-23; A Johnstone, S Farnden, A Crees 21-21.

*Clevedon experienced mixed fortunes in their latest round of matches last week.

They earned wins over West Backwell (Over-55s), Bristol (Turnbull Cup) and Watchet (CPL), but lost by one shot to Congresbury and went down by two against Purnells in the Tony Allcock Trophy.

They also lost 3-1 to Ilminster in the Top Club fours and by 18 shots to Weston's St Andrews.

Nailsea Bowling Club had mixed success last week.

They lost in the Somerset County League against Clarence “A” but claimed victories against Chew Stoke, (Clevedon & District evening league) Banwell (North Somerset Knockout Cup) and Clevedon Prom (Clevedon & District over-55s).

Nailsea were also held to a draw with RBL after both sides picked up 77 points. (Turnball Cup)

Results, Somerset League, Nailsea 47 Clarence A 63: D Hole, D Leach, R Griffiths, J Whitear 21-19; A Billington, D Clark, J Hall, D Flower 10-12; J Prince, D Edler, R Chappell, I Blatchford 16-24.

C&D Evening League, Nailsea 105 v Chew Stoke 63: D Edler, D Clark, J Hall, D Flower 15-12; A Billington, R Jacob, R Chappell, R Griffiths 29-11; K Patel, R Eyers, D Hole, I Blatchford 22-11; M West, S Harris, T Harvey, J Whitear 20-12; A Hassell, P Gillard, B Powell 19-17.

Turnball Cup, Nailsea 77 RBL 78 (after extra end): J Prince, T Harvey, R Chappell, R Griffiths 9-25; D Topps D Clark, J Knight, D Flower 25-17; M West, D Leach, B Powell, J Whitear 23-15; A Billington, D Edler, D Hole, I Blatchford 20-20.

North Somerset Knockout Cup, Nailsea 98 Banwell 90: J Prince, T Harvey, R Chappell, R Griffiths 30-14; C Hughes, D Clark, J Knight, D Flower 13-22; R Hassell, N Hobson, P Gillard, B Powell 18-21; D Leach, R Eyers, D Hole, I Blatchford 17-12; M West, S Harris, J Hall, J Whitear 20-21.

C&D over-55s, Nailsea 109 Clevedon Prom 79: P Onion, C Winter, R Webber 24-8; S ~Frankling, T Dyer, J Whitear 16-15; K Westcott, K Patel, D Hole 17-11; L Byford, J Prince, B Powell 18-7; D Nicholls, D Leach, I Blatchford 19-13; C Hughes, J Knight, T Billington 15-25.

Long Ashton 67 Portishead 76: P Brewer, J Gann, K Bird 9-19; M Harding, P Silva, E Russell 9-18; P Marr, B Burke, B Brice 18-9; G Thomas, B Day, J Burt 19-15; M Wring, C Holloway, E Rockey 12-15.

Bristol League, Long Ashton 48 (2) Avonvale A 56 (8): M Harding, C Randall, M Pemble, A Hall 13-15; C Holloway, D Moore, E Rockey, B Brice 22-14; I Moore, D Odey, E Russell, M Taylor 13-27.

*West Backwell had mixed fortunes in their results last week.

They picked up wins over Winscombe (Somerset League), Nailsea Ladies (DRT League) but suffered defeats to Clevedon Prom (BRW League), Isle of Wedmore (over-55s), Congresbury Ladies (WDL League).

Meanwhile, in a very close final of their internal mixed tripes, S Lewis, J Jones and A Robinson beat F Ogden, A Webber and J Ratcliffe.

Results, SCL League West Backwell 74 Winscombe 45: T Bone, R Spragg, B Budd, P Sims 23-17; T Lovell, R Pike, K Dodd, A Knights 19-13; G Ogden, B Baker, J Ashmore, D Rycroft 32-15

BRW League, West Backwell 71 Clevedon Prom 89: P Baynton, P Coombs, I Harvey, K Dodd 18-23; T Lovell, R Higgins, P Sims, A Knights 11-17; T Bone, I Wilson, B Budd, B Holloway 17-16; G Brindle, B Baker, D Rigg, P Tracey 16-12; S Lewis, R Spragg, B Bees, J Ashmore 9-21

Over-55s, West Backwell 64 Isle of Wedmore 105: S Henderson, R Keightley, B Gammon 21-12; S Lewis, R Price, R Pike 6-32; G Ogden, B Bees, A Robinson 10-27; T Bone, P Sims, B Baker 11-20; T Lovell, I Wilson, K Dodd 16-14

DRT League, West Backwell Ladies 51 Nailsea Ladies 44; J Keightley, G Higgins, J Harvey, R Holloway 22-8; S Budd, K Pugsley, M Vivian, P Kingston 18-17; S Matley, F Ogden, J Ratcliffe, C Burgess 11-19

WDL League, West Backwell Ladies 41 Congresbury Ladies 56: S Matley, G Higgins, R Holloway 15-14; E Price, J Harvey, M Vivian 18-16; F Ogden, C Pugsley, P Bell 8-26.