Readers’ letters - February 11

PUBLISHED: 17:30 10 February 2015 | UPDATED: 17:30 10 February 2015


The latest readers’ letters to the editor:


IN RECENT editions of the Weston Mercury there have been reports with regard to the application for a large development of 170 houses at the North End of Yatton in addition to the 150 dwellings already agreed.

It seems that the planners are still considering what can be done to compensate for the problems that will be caused if this development is accepted.

Actually, it does not seem possible for sufficient funds to be made available to pay for a new school to be built to accommodate a further increase in the number of new school age children and a new health centre to replace the Yatton and Congresbury Medical Practice to deal with all the extra patients from 320 homes.

It would also seem to be impossible for the developers or North Somerset Council to pay for a bypass from Yatton (Arnolds Way) to Congresbury to avoid the inevitable build up of traffic in the narrow, congested Yatton High Street.


Chescombe Road, Yatton


I HAVE been following the arguments concerning truancy penalties.

We seem to have gone away from the original reason for this which was to stop parents going on foreign holidays during school time.

Both sides have good arguments but parents are in a heads I win, tails you lose position.

They are penalised if they go in the school holidays and they are penalised if they do not.

It is too late for this year but if the establishment really want to come to a fair answer then there is an answer for next and subsequent years. It would have to be made compulsory and apply to all holiday firms.

First, set the normal price for a holiday – everybody pays this price during school terms and parents with children pay this price during school holidays but those unaccompanied with children going on holiday during school holidays pay the school holiday surcharge. Simple, no-one is penalised who does not deserve it.


Victoria Court, Portishead

What we need

I WAS so disappointed to learn that the Hill Road market is to close down.

If parking is at the root of the problems with the footfall, is it not about time to introduce either a pay and display system or something similar?

As a resident of Clevedon, I have been so pleased that the market has injected some life into Hill Road which is, after all, the premier shopping street in the town. Hill Road is the place that most visitors enjoy when they come to Clevedon for shopping.

The Saturday morning activity in the market is at the very soul of what we need in this world of more plastic and transient pleasures - a constant that should endure as was so perfectly demonstrated over the festive season when families flocked to Hill Road to enjoy a more traditional experience.

If anyone has any ideas - and I think a public meeting could well help stimulate positive suggestions - please act quickly before we lose a vital part of the life blood of our community.


Dial Hill Road, Clevedon

Market to close

WE WERE very sorry to learn that the market at Seeleys in Hill Road, Clevedon, is to close on Saturday March 28.

The small organising team behind this venture, which has involved a huge amount of time and effort, not to mention investment, must be very disappointed as will many of their regular customers.

It is always a pleasure to shop in Hill Road and the market has provided a focal point particularly on a Saturday for friends and families to shop and chat over a cup of coffee.

There have been a number of excellent product stalls and some enjoyable special events over the two years that the market has been running – we will miss this very much.

Sadly as with so many things if you don’t use it you lose it and it is a fact that many local people have not used it.

The car parking problem has not helped but some people it seems cannot walk further than their driveway these days.

We shall be there to say goodbye on March 28 and hope that many others will do the same.


Cambridge Road, Clevedon

Many meetings

I READ with interest in last week’s North Somerset Times of Councillor Shopland’s boast that: “I have never drawn a penny in councillor’s allowances since I was elected.”

How fortunate to be so wealthy. The majority of councillors are retired, many living on their retirement pension, many are single.

The huge sum of £8,000 per year before tax is to reimburse for the many meetings one goes to, several a week, attendance at scrutiny panels, full council, and to cover postage, phone calls, etc, that are part of a councillors’ job, as well as dealing with problems in one’s ward and around town.

The only councillors paid more are the few chairs of scrutiny panels and the members of the executive. If we want to encourage new and younger people to become councillors we have to make the position acceptable for the time they would have to give up in their busy lives.


North Somerset councillor for Clevedon South

Cambridge Road, Clevedon


I AM unsure if David Shopland would consider me as a friend but that is how I see him.

A person who when I called twice without an appointment at his works office, found time to pick up his phone and get involved with my concerns and dealt with it swiftly.

Ms Davis who wrote to your Mailbox on January 28 should unreservedly make an apology and have it printed. There is no need to have readers believing Mr Shopland took any expenses whilst being a councillor.

I do not understand Ms Davis criticising Mr Shopland by misreporting him saying things he never said. Mr Shopland is entitled to an opinion as we all are and should they not find favour with Ms Davis it would have been courteous to meet with him first.

David Shopland has worked meticulously in my opinion for Clevedon, as his ancestors, with his historic business with lovely fascias on houses to say nothing about his ‘barmy army’ if he will excuse my expression. I could not give him less than 10 out of 10.


Wellington Terrace, Clevedon

Zebra crossing

WHY are the elderly residents of Chestnut Close, Congresbury, being treated like second class citizens?

We still have not had the zebra crossing installed although we were promised it nearly twelve months ago. The local council seem to have washed its hands of this crossing.

Also the Royal Mail has started delivering the mail around 3pm. I suppose it thinks we don’t count. Chestnut Close is in the centre of Congresbury, surely we should be treated better than this.


Chestnut Close, Congresbury


THE worst speeding in Portishead is in the High Street from the Folk Hall down to the mini-roundabout at St Peter’s Road, many doing at least 50mph, but no-one will take any notice.

There are quite a lot of pensioners, like myself, who cross here to go to the White Cot shop, with no dedicated crossing point and we risk our lives because they come so fast.

There used to be a place to cross by the café, but they put a barrier across it.


Glebe Avenue, Portishead

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