Youths have their say

YOUNG people in Portishead have called for residents to be kinder to them.

In a survey of 1,225 11-19-year-olds, many youngsters said they feel they get a raw deal in the town, with older people making snap judgements and labelling them all troublemakers.

The survey, carried out by 15-year-old Charlotte Waterson and Asa Galsworthy, aged 17, was distributed via Gordano School, Portishead Youth Centre, local shops and through public consultation in the High Street.

The aim was to give youngsters of Portishead the chance to present their views and ask for them to be counted.

Most of those who took part said they would like to see more youth facilities in the town and 75 per cent said a cinema would be their top priority. Other suggestions included a youth cafe, youth shelter and an arts and crafts centre.

In 2010, when the questionnaire was first drawn up, councillors agreed to take the results of the survey seriously and this week Charlotte handed the results to Portishead Town Council.

The Gordano School student said: “Lots of young people, including my friends, don’t want to just moan about the lack of facilities and respect for young people in Portishead, we are prepared to do something to improve it. I hope this will be the first of many youth surveys to help change things for young people for the better.”

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Portishead Town Council is now considering inviting a youth council to work with councillors regarding issues that affect young people.

Anyone aged 11-19 interested in being a part of a Portishead Youth Council should send their contact details to town clerk Martin Dolton at The Folk Hall, High Street, Portishead BS20 6PR or by email to