Your money saving ideas

ENFORCING litter fines, sorting household recycling and getting rid of bus lanes are just some of the ideas suggested by Times readers as money-saving schemes.

After North Somerset Council approved its budget for 2011/12 last month, which included the need to make savings of more than �18million, we asked members of the public to suggest how they think money could be saved by the unitary authority.

Fining more people responsible for littering and dog fouling was a suggestion made by Lynne Fowler from Clevedon.

She said: “I am wondering how much income is generated by fines collected from litter-droppers and people letting their dogs foul public places.

“Considering the amount of litter/dog faeces in the area, I would suggest it could run into thousands of pounds, even allowing for the wages of wardens to monitor this.”

John Hughes from Clevedon said council employees, excluding the lowest paid staff, should take a pay cut.

He said: “Some employees in the private sector have already had to face financial reality, either through being made redundant, being forced to take a reduction in pay or facing a prolonged pay freeze.

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“The question needs to be asked, why should public servants be protected against austerity measures when private sector employees do not have such protection?”

Removing bus lanes was suggested by Mike Keighley who believes the introduction of one in Congresbury has resulted in more congestion. He also said more accountability needs to be applied when North Somerset Council pays consultants to advise on projects and that no more high occupancy vehicle lanes, such as the one along Long Ashton bypass, should be introduced.

He said: “Congestion involves slower traffic in lower gears, resulting in higher fuel consumption and higher pollution, all leading to higher costs.”

Doug Fowler from Clevedon suggested that, by sorting household recycling into plastics, glass and cardboard, residents can help the collectors do a more efficient job. An increase in the number of collection points for recycling to allow residents to get rid of their own recycling was also an idea he put forward.

Anthony Butcher from Long Ashton suggested that North Somerset Council should ditch the North Somerset Life magazine, which costs �230,000 to produce each year, and also said a national campaign should be started to limit executive salaries in the public sector.

He said: “The small amount of genuinely useful information in North Somerset Life can be put online and made available in public facilities like libraries and doctor’s surgeries.”

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