Your chance to become an angel

PORTISHEAD Youth Centre has launched an Angel Appeal and is asking for the support of local businesses to help it succeed.

With the final phase of the community building’s redevelopment under way, the town can look forward to the completion of a modern, multi-use centre in the autumn.

However, regular users of the centre are keen to see the interior furnishings upgraded to match the structural improvements.

Full-time youth worker Alan Rowe said: “The redevelopment budget did not provide enough money to cover new furniture for the extra space the centre will have, or the upgrade of much of the equipment. Therefore we have launched the Angel Appeal to raise �60,000 to buy these things, which will help complete the state-of-the-art facility.”

The Angel Appeal aims to get local organisations and businesses involved, inviting them to offer financial support and making them guardian angels of the centre in return. Businesses which contribute will have a plaque placed on a wall in recognition of their support.

Anyone interested in supporting the Angel Appeal can contact Alan on 01275 842461.