Yellow lines stop short

NEW yellow lines in Portishead’s Harbour Road have been branded a waste of time and money, after stopping short of the areas that cause the most problems.

People who had been calling for parking restrictions were left wondering if contractors had run out of paint last week, when only a fraction of the road received double yellows.

Motorists campaigned for the lines to be painted on both sides of Harbour Road after finding it difficult to turn right out of the Waitrose and Lidl car parks because of parked cars. Adding to the congestion in Harbour Road were cars parked at the other end of the street, outside the Marina Healthcare Centre.

In a letter to the Times Kevin Vodden of Eastcliff said: “No lines have been painted where they are needed most, next to the restaurants and outside the health centre.

“There is still congestion in both places and I can’t help but feel that so far, this exercise has been a waste of time and money. “

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Also in a letter, John Paull of Brampton Way said: “The double yellow lines are not in the places where they are so badly needed, what has been done does not address any of the parking problems.”

Councillor Reyna Knight whose ward includes Harbour Road says she will be contacting the relevant officer at North Somerset Council to ask him to revisit the situation.

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