Will you vote this week?

VOTING takes place tomorrow (Thurs) to determine who will represent North Somerset residents on their local councils for the next four years.

Elections are being held for those candidates hoping for a seat on North Somerset Council and also for any town or parish councils with more candidates than seats available.

There are 61 North Somerset Council seats available and a total of 182 people have put themselves forward to contest them, either as representatives of a political party or as independent candidates.

The Conservative party has held a large majority for the past four years and will this year contest 58 seats.

Labour will contest 53 and the Lib Dems 42. There are also 20 independent candidates, five Green Party representatives and three members of UKIP.

Choosing who represents each ward on North Somerset Council can be an important decision with the unitary authority holding a huge number of important responsibilities including highways, education, young people’s services, care for the elderly, planning, housing and leisure services.

Parish and town councils also play a vital role in their communities, giving recommendations on a huge number of issues dealt with by North Somerset Council as well as carrying out their own projects in their area.

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As well as voting in the local Government elections, tomorrow residents will have the chance to vote in a referendum to determine whether the Government should change the voting system used for General Elections.

Ballot papers should now have been distributed to households across North Somerset, giving details of the nearest polling station and how to vote in the elections and referendum.