Santa routes for towns this December are revealed

The Santa float will return to Clevedon this December.

The Santa float will return to Clevedon this December. - Credit: Clevedon Lions

Two Lions Clubs are happy to announce that Santa has agreed to visit their towns again in December.

Both Clevedon and Portishead Lions will be greeted by Father Christmas throughout the month.

It will not be possible for him to travel along every road but he will be stopping at certain points along the route for everyone to come and speak to him.

All times are approximate but we will do our best to make sure that he is at each designated point as near to the time stated as possible. Each stop will be for around 15 minutes so please come along to say hello to Santa and his helpers.

The routes are taking place in Clevedon as follows.

Thursday December 2

Yeolands Drive - 6pm corner of Baker Close, 6.15pm corner of Eastleigh, 6.30pm corner of Ladycroft, 6.45pm corner of The Leys.

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Through to Ashleigh Road to, 7pm corner of Farleigh Road, 7.20pm centre of Tennyson Avenue.

Monday December 6

Millcross - 6pm corner of Bryant Gardens, 6.15pm into Canons Gate to corner of second cul-de-sac on right, 6.30pm bottom of Canons Gate, 6.45pm corner of Parsons Green, 7pm corner of Chipping Cross, 7.15pm far end of Chipping Cross, 7.30pm Millcross corner of Strode Road, 7.45pm Round to Woodington Road to corner of Braikenridge Close.

Tuesday December 7

Tutton Way - 6pm corner of Corner Croft, 6.15pm corner of Oldfield, 6.30pm corner of Claremont Gardens, 6.45pm far end of Claremont Gardens.

On to Kenn Moor Drive to 7pm corner of Yeoward Road, 7.15pm corner of Homeground, 7.30pm corner of Turn Road.

Wednesday December 8

Central Way - 6pm central on Somerton Road, 6.15pm central on Chard Road.

Round to Dart Road to 6.30pm corner of Halswell Road, 6.45pm corner of Otter Road.

Round to Kennaway Road to 7pm corner of Orchard Road, 7.15pm bottom of Kennaway Road.

Round to Yeo Moor to, 7.30pm corner of Hill Moor, 7.45pm central in Moor Park.

Monday December 13

Fosseway - 6pm corner of Stickland, 6.15pm corner of Hayward Close, 6.30pm corner of Windsor Close, 6.45pm corner of Cherry Hay, 7pm corner of Jubilee Place, 7.15pm central in Hill View Avenue, 7.30pm central in Oldville Avenue.

Tuesday December 14

Griffin Road - 6pm corner of Parnell Road, 6.15pm central in Cherry Avenue.

Clover Close - 6.30pm corner of Kingston Avenue.

Beaconsfield Road - 6.45pm corner of Willow Close, 7pm Poets Mews.

Brookfield Walk - 7.20pm corner of Streamside.

Kelting Grove - 7.40pm corner of Crossman Walk.

Wednesday December 15

Westbourne Avenue - 6pm corner of Pizey Avenue.

Westbourne Crescent - 6.15pm central.

Pizey Avenue - 6.30pm Old Church Road end.

Knowles Road - 6.45pm corner of Lower Knowles Road.

Fearnville Estate - 7pm central.

Coleridge Vale Road North - 7.15pm central.

Coleridge Vale Road South - 7.30pm central.

Churchill Avenue - 7.45pm corner of Southey Road.

Thursday December 16

Thackeray Road - 6pm corner of Thackeray Avenue.

Old Park Road - 6.15pm central.

Edward Road South - 6.30pm central.

Edward Road - 6.45pm corner of Channel Road.

Kings Road - 7pm corner of Robin Lane.

Dial Hill Road - 7.15pm between Durbin Park Road and Castle View Road.

Dial Hill Road - 7.30pm adjacent to Cricket Club.

Portishead Lions Club Christmas collection at Portishead Sainsbury's store in 2019.

Portishead Lions Club Christmas collection at Portishead Sainsbury's store in 2019. - Credit: Archant

After much planning, Santa will be coming to Portishead from December 1.

Portishead Lions will again be at the top of the town collecting with the Santa Float for local charities and good causes.

The group will have Santa helpers collecting cash and will also be able to take contactless payments.

There will also be chances to meet Santa on December 11 in the Aldi car park, at the Lions' stall at the Victorian evening on December 12 and at Sainsbury's car park on December 18.

A Lions spokesman said: "We will do our best to stick to this schedule but please note the routes and times could change at very short notice depending on the weather and the latest Covid-19 restrictions.

"We would ask you not to contact us to request additional streets as we have a limited capacity to be able to cover the streets already listed."

For full route information visit the group's website daily at 5pm at or at

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