What If...? - Mary’s latest humorous book

A PORTISHEAD author has released her third book examining life’s biggest question.

What If...? offers a humorous look at whether we were created or the result of a cosmic accident.

This is Mary Frances’ third book. The author, who turned 80 this year, has also written The Song of the Spinning Sun and Alice McGinty’s Goat, which have been a big success.

Mary, of Orchard Close, said: “I’ve been writing all my life. I always wanted to write a book but never really had the time to do it, so I’m making the most of it now.

“I want to write as many books as possible.”

Mary has taken on a wide range of jobs over the years which include working as a Bristol City Councillor, freelance journalist, legal secretary, estate agent and she has even owned her own art and design business.

Mary has travelled extensively and says she has so much life experience that she wants to share what she has learnt with others. She said: “I’ve led a colourful life and have been around the world. I’ve covered a lot of ground, met a lot of people and made a hell of a lot of mistakes. Everything inspires me to write.”