Warning to keep kids safe near marina

A PORTISHEAD cyclist is appealing to parents to keep their children safe when walking at the town’s marina.

David Hill, who lives close to the High Street, had a close encounter as he cycled home along the marina path, when a six-year-old on a scooter failed to notice him. He said: “This young child was heading for me oblivious of anything that may be in her way.”

Although Mr Hill swerved to avoid the youngster, she brushed against his bike and fell to the ground close to the water’s edge.

He added: “It was a close call and I immediately looked for the little girl’s carer who was more than 100 metres away chatting to her friends. This would have been a disaster had the girl fallen into the water, but the carer did not appear to have noticed the youngster was in any difficulty.

“I feel some adults need reminding that the marina, where there are no barriers protecting people from the water, is a dangerous place for youngsters without strict supervision.”

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The path alongside the marina is a popular school route, regularly used by residents living in the Port Marine development to get to and from Portishead Primary School and the town centre.

Sergeant Jim Robinson, from Portishead Police Station who recently rescued a teenager from the marina, said: “The marina is deep and extremely cold and in many parts doesn’t have any railings, so it is very important that young children are supervised closely to prevent unnecessary accidents.”

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