Warning following metal thefts

AS SCRAP metal prices escalate, police in Portishead are warning people to be wary of metal thieves.

This follows a number of incidents which have seen items taken from people’s front gardens in the town.

Portishead mum Cheryl Gregory believes householders should be on the lookout after she spotted two men taking cables from her property.

Cheryl, of Leigh View Road, said: “My husband’s friend had left some cables in our front garden for us and I opened my door one day to see two men bundling it into a white van. When I asked what they were doing they told me they thought it was just unwanted rubbish.”

Cheryl is not the only Leigh View Road resident to be targeted by thieves. Her neighbour who had drained a radiator to allow him to fix a leak, left it up against the wall of his house while he went to his garage but when he came back it had gone.

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Cheryl added: “I know of at least three other neighbours who have had items taken from their front gardens.”

Portishead sergeant Jim Robinson said: “With scrap metal prices being high, metal thefts are on the increase. We would urge people not to leave items unattended in their front gardens in full view of potential thieves. We also encourage people to be good neighbours and alert the police if they see any suspicious activity in their neighbourhood.”

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