Volunteers create new woodland trail

AN ARMY of volunteers have created a new woodland trail in Backwell.

Members of Backwell Environment Trust have worked tirelessly to create the 500m-long path through the northern slopes of Badger Wood Nature Reserve.

This will allow visitors to explore a previously-concealed world of ferns, exposed limestone cliff faces, a newly-restored ancient pond and veteran trees many hundreds-of-years old.

Woodland manager Ian Chambers said: “We all feel immensely proud of the incredible hard work our volunteers have put in and it is already becoming a well-used trail by local people and visitors alike.

“It is strange to say, but parts of the trail look more like the Amazon rainforest than a North Somerset woodland as you find yourself completely surrounded by literally thousands of intensely green ferns in a magical setting.”

Backwell Environment Trust owns and manages two nature reserves, Jubilee Stone Wood and Badgers Wood, high up on the hill above Backwell and both are well-known for the viewpoints stretching up to 60 miles on a clear day over the Bristol Channel, Exmoor and the Welsh hills.

* To find out more visit www.backwellenvironmenttrust.org