Villagers oppose controversial extension

Villagers oppose controversial extension

CONCERNED villagers appealed to Backwell Parish Council to oppose a controversial extension for a property in Court Close.

The owners of number four Court Close have submitted a planning application to North Somerset Council to knock down their garage and build a two-storey side extension incorporating a garage.

Neighbours are concerned that the extension is too big, out of character with the rest of the street and will remove valuable parking spaces in the close.

Mike Crewe, of Court Close, said: “It’s a question of size. The extension comes right up to the boundary with our house. The side window would overlook our house and the dormer window would also overlook us.

“We would have serious invasion of privacy. The house will overlook the garden, the conservatory, the patio and they would also have a view into our lounge, kitchen and bedroom because it’s so big and so close.”

Neighbours raised concerns that it would not be in keeping with the rest of the street as other houses have extensions, but they are only single storey extensions.

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They also voiced fears that the application could set a precedent for bigger extensions if it was agreed.

Councillor Bob Taylor said: “I suggest the council objects to the proposal as it doesn’t comply with the local plan and its design and scale are unacceptable and would impact on the living conditions of residents from neighbouring properties in a quiet cul de sac.”

Backwell Parish Council agreed object to the proposal.