Upset at stolen birthday present

A PORTISHEAD mum has warned other parents to not leave belongings at the town’s Lake Grounds after a scooter bought for her son’s birthday was stolen.

Allison Hunt had been at the popular leisure spot with her four-year-old son, Daniel, when she took him home after he fell over and grazed a knee.

She had accidentally left his scooter lent up against a tree near to where her car had been parked and when she returned less than an hour later it was gone.

The 47-year-old of Victoria Square said: “I am absolutely disgusted that someone could steal a child’s personal belongings at the Lake Grounds while the children are playing.

“Some parent must know that their child has come back with a scooter.

“He has only had the scooter about six months. He is really upset about it as it was a birthday present.

“He cannot understand why someone would be so mean as to steal it.

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“He takes it everywhere with him.”

Following the incident on April 9, Allison wants to warn others about the potential for more items to be stolen.

She said: “This is not the first time something like this has happened at the Lake Grounds.

“Sometimes, when items are accidentally left behind, they get thrown into the lake.

“I want to make people aware that they cannot leave anything unattended.”

Allison has reported the theft of the scooter, which is a Razor model with blue wheels, to the police.

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