Duck race raises £1,000 for children's hospice

Uphill duck race

Hundreds of ducks were released into Uphill rhyne at the annual event. - Credit: Uphill Village Society

Hundreds of ducks were released into Uphill rhyne as villagers celebrated the annual duck race.

The event was organised by Uphill Village Society to raise money for Children's Hospice South West (CHSW), in Wraxall.

Villagers gathered at the rhyne as society chairman Stewart Castle released 1,000 rubber ducks into the water.

In spite of the lack of flow in the rhyne, the ducks made their way downstream, cheered on by the crowd.

Archie Bush's duck crossed the finish line first, making him the winner of the event. The sponsors of the first three ducks won prizes for the race.

A village society spokesman said: "Thanks to commercial supporters of the children’s hospice, the sponsors of the three ducks crossing the line in first, second and third place each received a prize.

"Thank you to all those who generously sponsored the 1,000 ducks who entered the race. Thanks also go also to Delyth Lloyd Evans and her large team of helpers who ensured the race ran smoothly and helped the village society raise over £1,000 for the children’s hospice."