Unusual gifts for councillors

ALL sorts of weird and wonderful gifts have been offered to council staff and elected members over the years.

Wellington boots, a popcorn maker, shower gel and a small plastic mirror are just some of the items members of the public have given them as a mark of their gratitude.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information request the Times can reveal the small catalogue of gifts that have been offered to officers in all departments since 2009.

As well as the unusual items listed above, gifts offered, but not necessarily accepted, included:

An invitation to a birthday party (not accepted).


Money-off Tesco fuel voucher.

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A bag of stationery.

Working lunch.

Visit to the ss Great Britain.

Gift voucher.


Sandwich.A golf day (declined).

Two bottles of Budweiser.

10 ice-creams for staff.

Officers are required to declare any offers of gifts or hospitality and councillors are asked to do the same, if the value is over �25.

A number of gifts to staff were turned down, including the popcorn maker, but the small plastic mirror and shower gel were accepted, as well as a number of meals in restaurants and other venues.

The Times also looked at the list of gifts and offers of hospitality, over the price of �25, that were offered to elected members and there have been no such offers since 2009.

There were also no offers of gifts or hospitality of any price to the development and environment department of North Somerset Council.