Tree of Light: Loved ones remembered

LOVED ones have been remembered during this year’s Tree of Light appeal in aid of Portishead’s Christmas lights.

More than �1,400 has been raised from people’s donations to the project, which is run by volunteers and helps fund the town’s impressive illuminations each year.

In return for a small fee, people were invited to nominate loved ones who they want to remember this Christmas.

As well as publishing the names of those to be remembered on this page, the tree of light above Iceland in Portishead’s Precint sparkles in their memory. Names and photographs are also displayed on a TV screen in the window of Freeman’s Home Entertainment Centre in High Street.

Those to be remembered this Christmas are:

(Name of person to be remembered: Nominee)

Mike Schneider: Lorraine, Helen & Adam (We miss you). Mike Schneider: Richard & Sheila Fox. Phyllis May Purkiss: Mr J W Purkiss. John Carey (Dad): Mrs Ruth Sperring. Eileen Barker: Gerald Barker. Tess Barker: Gerald Barker. Stuart Guard: Tim Guard. Michael Hurst: Nicola Hurst. David John Heard: Carole Heard. David John Heard: Daniel Heard. David John Heard: Clare Sims. David John Heard: Karmah Rae. David John Heard: Carla Street. Michael Hurst: Nicola, Oliver & Matilda Hurst. Marjorie Davey (Mum): Karl & Liz Heinzelmann. George Davey (Dad): Karl & Liz Heinzelmann. Tim Davey (brother): Karl & Liz Heinzelmann. Bill & Mary: Nigel Coombes. Rex Foster: Dorrie Foster. Mac Wilkins: The Wilkins Family. Baby James Want: Mr & Mrs C Hall. Stan Parker (Grampi): Gwen, Hilary, Ni, Toby & Harry. Kevin Baser: Colin & Jo Baser. Barry Holmes: Rosemary Holmes. Charles Dumont: June Dumont. Ron Hopkins: Jo Hopkins. Thomas Fortune: Margery Stevenson. Jock Stevenson: Margery Stevenson. Frances Fortune: Margery Stevenson. Julian Pearce: Mrs J W Citter. Ray Milton: Mrs B Milton. Stan & Paul Summers: Valerie Summers. Kath Gardener: Eileen & Peter Holder. Paula Jane Holder: Sue & Andrew Holder. Jack & Edith Holder: Eileen & Peter Holder. Reg & Sylvia Wheeler: Eileen & Peter Holder. Jean Moller: The Moller Family. Paul C Weston: The Weston Family. Mike Lindsay: Caryl Lindsay. Ralph Thornton: Pat Thornton. Bryan Chichester (husband): Mrs P Chichester. Eddie Parsons: Toni Parsons. Graham MacGregor: Betty MacGregor. Jenny Horton: Rod Horton. William Boyle: Ann & Family. Llewelyn Jones: Kay & Mike Constance. Mildred Constance: Kay & Mike Constance. Roger Newton: Bill, Linda & David Newton. Jack Saunders: Mrs Mary Saunders & Family. Roy Limbrick: Nancy Cooper. Mike Jelley: Marilyn & Elaine. Elsie Blaker: Jean & Tony Blaker. William Blaker: Jean & Tony Blaker. Edith Philpott: Jean & Tony Blaker. Arthur Philpott: Jean & Tony Blaker. Norman Derrick: Betty Derrick. Grace Little: Jean Carey. Mary: Dick Hawking. Mike Philpott: Carol Philpott. Irene & Frank House: Carol Philpott. Thomas Llewellyn: Phyllis Llewellyn. Valerie Randall: Mark Goodbody. Doug & Eileen Williamson: Mrs Pat Gill. Tony Symes: Karen Jarvis. Ted (husband): Mrs Eve Ward. Leonard: Ena & Brian Hathway. Pat Waite: Roy Waite. Bill Ambrose: Joan Douglas. Gerald Horseman: Joan Douglas. Alan Parnaby: Elaine & Ian Porch. Ceinnen & Raymond C Sellick: Ian & Yvonne Sellick. Phyllis & Percy Tucker: Tony & Jane Tucker. Bob Lonsdale: Jackie, Matt, Tom and Andy Lonsdale. Barbara: Lionel Vaughan. Claire Baker (nee Button): Mr & Mrs R Button. Reg Calvey (Dad): Mike & Gerry Healy. Vera Calvey (Mum): Mike & Gerry Healy. Jack Healy (Dad): Mike & Gerry Healy. Keith Browning: Sheila Browning. Dennis Keedwell: Mrs Margaret Keedwell. Lynne Smith: Paul Smith & Family. Doris Larkins (aunt): Susan Sani & Graham Lammiman. Joyce Clarke: Brian Clarke. Frank Osment : Mrs Edith Osment. Tony Worgan: Mrs P Worgan. Reg Bye: Mrs Joan Bye. Chris Kokta: Grace & Morgan. Jim & Edie Bailey: Keith Bailey. Alan: M Parnaby (Love you always, mum & family). Winifred Watkins: The Watkins family. Bryan Price: Mary Chapman. Mike Rollings: Doreen Rollings. Jack Clark: Andrew & Anne Clark. Joyce Garrad: Sally, Sam & Rob. Bryan Price: Sally, Sam & Rob. Clifford Maycock: Hilda Maycock. John Glen: Geraldine Glen. John Blackman: Mrs S Blackman & Family. John & Elsie Tinker: Ruth Cox. Bob Niel: June Niel. Bob Pinder: Mrs Gloria M Pinder & Family. Peter J Collins: Mrs Joyce Collins. Frank Hallett: Phyl. Peter Beynon: Sheila Beynon & Family. Edith Buckingham: W R Buckingham. David Buckingham: W R Buckingham. Cecil Crees: Joyce Crees. Stan Fizia: Jane Fizia. Bob & Violet Welsh: David Welsh. Bert (husband): Kate Metcalf. Roger Hares (Dad): Sarah Collins (With Love). Roger Hares (Granddad): Thomas, Genna, Brook, Oliver & Amy. Walther Eibisch: Isabel Crees. Joyce Knee: Graham & Jane Knee. Doris & Tom Maggs: Margaret & Family (We miss you). Dot Rowe: T Rowe. Thomas Alexander Mullen: Betty, June & Sandra. Anthony Baumbach: Mrs Pauline Baumbach. Greta Bence: G Pilcher. Sw Ldr Tom Broom DFC: Maryann & Family. George Lafferty: Mrs W Lafferty. Albert & Doris Hibbs: Martin & Sue Ogborne. Leonard & Kathleen Ogborne: Martin & Sue Ogborne. Mabel Holmes: Brenda, Bruce & Family. Alan: Ian Jo Parnaby & Lee & Toni. Ray Herbert: Wife Joan & Family. Terry Target: Sally, Paul, Annie & Ellie. Basil Nobes (Dada) my husband: Mrs Betty Nobes. Floss & Jack Bessant: (daughter) Sheila & Arthur. Michael Bessant (brother): Sheila & Arthur. Cath Sweeney (friend): Sheila. Vicki Moorlan: Sheila. Sandra Chapman (cousin): Sheila & Arthur. Rene O’Neil: Sheila. Nan & Grampy Bessant: (granddaughter) Paula & Tom. Nan & Grampy Bessant: Terrina, Simon, Scott & Dan. Ben & Edie Gale: Maureen Shirley & Graham. Roy Maggs: Joyce, Lyn, Sandra & Families. Ken Goble: Vera, Fran, Dave & Girls. James Ryall: J Ryall. Peter White & Margaret Buckland: J White. Julie Lloyd: Grace & Jim Lloyd. The two Bills: Mrs Gillian Thomson. John Pearson: Jacqui & Family. Jean Gane: Doreen Rollings & Anne Clark. Phyllis May Purkiss: Mr William Purkiss. Greg Lane: Wife Sylvia Lane, Claire & Mark. Cecil Wills: Mrs Sylvia Lane, Joan, Doreen & Colin. Alan Peters: Mrs M Peters. Vivien Churchill: Paul, Doreen & John Evans. Elizabeth Phillpotts: Henry Phillpotts. Robert Villis: Mum, Dad, Sharon, Tom and all the family. Jacqueline Huygens: Adele Haysom. Jean Powell: Mrs E Bailey (friend). John Bailey: Evelyn Jean & Family. Peter Stonestreet: Paul, Annette, Jack & Jemma Hennessy. Brian Stonestreet: Paul, Annette, Jack & Jemma Hennessy. Joseph & Josephine Hennessy: Paul, Annette, Jack & Jemma Hennessy. Holly Walker: Jemma Hennessy. Jim: Mrs J Hudd. Albert & Bessie Villis: Sheila & Colin Talbot. Peter Martin (son): Mrs Mary Martin. The Lawrence Family: The Lawrence Family. Bert & Joyce Williamson: Bob & Wendy Hinton. Lily Seymour: Mrs G Clee. Les Jelley: Myrtle Jelley. Sylvia & Dave Holder: The Holder Family. Ron Wolf: Bella & Family. Joyce Howell (Granny): The Shiel Family. Ron & Mary Mayman: The Hayman Family. Nathan Wright: Mum, John & Kara Cunningham. Nathan Wright: Ruth & Craig Hussey. David Heard: Anne Quaterman. Ronald & Nancy Bosworth: Gill Wheeler, Susan Crees & Vicky Mason. Mary Moseley: Linda. Dot Rowe: Linda. Ken Wright: Anita Wright. Tony Gale: Chris John & Sue. Richard Chadwick: Liz & Family. Carole & Peter McCormick: The Hooper Family. Brian Makepeace: Mrs M Makepeace. Tony Gould: Christine Gould.

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