Tree of Light 2010

HUNDREDS of people have paid tribute to their loved ones by sponsoring a festive light in their name.

The Times’ Tree of Light Appeal has once again given members of the public the chance to remember lost friends and relatives while at the same time raising money for Portishead’s Christmas lights.

As a result, more than �1,000 has been collected.

Portishead Christmas Lights committee chairman Barry Randall said: “The response has been very good.

“The money raised through the Tree of Light makes the difference between just about breaking even and actually having a small profit to invest in the following year’s lights and activities.

“We are very community minded in what we do and arrange other things as well as the lights for people to enjoy.”

Here is a list of all those people who have sponsored a light in memory of a loved one: (Nominee: Person to be remembered)

Most Read

Jacqui Pearson: John Pearson. Joan Herbert: Ray Herbert. Gloria Pinder & family: Bob Pinder (always in our hearts). Evelyn Bailey: John Bailey. Evelyn Bailey: Jean Powell. Liz Chadwick & family: Richard Chadwick (Haddie – we miss you). Sylvia, John, Doreen & Colin: Cecil Wills. Mary Saunders: Jack Saunders. Dick Hawking: Mary. Mrs J W Citter: Julian Pearce. Caryl Lindsay: Mike Lindsay. P Ferris: Edith Tripp. Margery Stevenson: Rose Walker. Margery Stevenson: Thomas & Frances Fortune. Margery Stevenson: John Steveson (Jock). Kate Metcalf: Bert (husband). Pat Worgan: Tony. Mrs J Hook: Granville Hook. Mary Holbrook: Ron Holbrook. Luke & Heather Bonham: GDSM Iain Wright. Netta Bowman: Mack Bowman. Doreen Sampson: Thomas Sampson. Sheila & Colin Talbot: Albert and Bessie Villis. Mike & Kay Constance: Llewelyn Jones. Mike & Kay Constance: Mildred Constance. Mrs D Chichester: Bryan Chichester (husband). Joan Douglas: Bill Ambrose. Patsy Wylie: Win & Fred Waldron (mum & dad). Patsy Wylie: Sandra Waldron (sister-in-law). Patsy Wylie: Jim & Chris Wylie (mum & dad-in-law). Mrs E Davies: Keith Davies. Rosemary Holmes: Barry Holmes. Eileen & Peter Holder: Reg & Sylvia Wheeler. Eileen & Peter Holder: Jack & Edith Holder. Eileen & Peter Holder: Kath Gardener. Andrew Holder: Paula Jane Holder. Ruth Cox: John & Elsie Tinker. Jean Hudd: My Jim. Joan Bye: Reg Bye. C Bryant: Alan Bryant. Ella, Molly, Harry, Jamie & Libby: Lynne ‘Granny’ Smith. Colin & Jo Baser: Kevin Baser. The Weston family: Paul Weston. Margaret Southey: Allan Southey. Joyce Crees: Cecil Crees. Isabel Crees: Walther Eibisch. Lionel Vaughan: Barbara. Mrs P Hallett: Frank Hallett. Wilkins family: Mac Wilkins. Mrs M Jordan: Maurice. Phyllis Llewellyn: Thomas. Paul Churchill, Doreen & John Evans: Vivien Churchill. David & Judy Gale: Ron & Irene Gale. Grace & Morgan: Chris Kokta. Keith Bailey: Edith & Jim Bailey. Mike & Gerry Healy: Jack Healy (dad). Mike & Gerry Healy: Reg Calvey (dad). Mike & Gerry Healy: Vera Calvey (mum). W Buckingham: David Buckingham. W Buckingham: Edith Buckingham. Martin & Sue Ogborne: Albert & Doris Hibbs. Martin & Sue Ogborne: Leonard & Kathleen Ogborne. Mrs B Nobes: Basil Nobes (husband). Tony & Jane Tucker: Percy & Phillis Tucker. Beryl Staves: Don Staves. H Hunt: Christopher Collins. Valerie Summers: Stan & Paul Summers. Doreen Rollings: Michael Rollings. Jean & Jack Payne: Shirley Mounter. Jean & Jack Payne: Ian Woolaston. Jean & Jack Payne: James Wright. Ray Waite: Pat Waite. David Welsh: Bob & Violet Welsh. Eve Ward: Husband Ted. The Hayman Family: Ronald & Mary Hayman. Hilda & family: Joe Linsdell. Paul, Annette, Jack & Jemma Hennessy: Brian Stonestreet. Paul, Annette, Jack & Jemma Hennessy: Joseph & Josephine Hennessy. Jemma Hennessy: Holly Walker. Alan & Hilda Stonestreet: Brian Stonestreet. Alan & Hilda Stonestreet: Peter Stonestreet. Sally, Sam & Rob: Joyce Garrad. Sally, Sam & Rob: Bryan Price. Alison Davidge: Evert Carlsson. Ruth & family: Marcus Levett. Alison Davidge: Miss L Witteck. Sue & Alan Want & family: Baby James Want. Sally, Annie, Ellie & Paul Targett: Terry Targett. Teresa Gentle: Meta Coyne. Sheila Beynon & family: Peter Beynon. Joyce, Lyn & Sandra: Roy Maggs. June Niel: Bob Niel. Pat, Karen, Paul, Dan, Julie, Derek, Aimee, Angela, Dave, Sophie & Anna: Bill Rennie. Tracey Hume (Nana): Archie Hume. Bob & Wendy Hinton: Bert & Joyce Williamson & Chanel. Mrs E Wylde: Bert. Mary-Ann Iles & family: Tom Broom. Ede Osment & family: Frank Osment. Audrey & Heather: Fred Smith. Liz & Karl Heinzelmann: George Davey (dad). Liz & Karl Heinzelmann: Marjorie Davey (mum). Liz & Karl Heinzelmann: Tim Davey (brother). Mary Chapman: Bryan Price. Colin Davies: Jane Davies. Graham & Jane Knee: Joyce Knee. Grace & Jim Lloyd: Julie Lloyd. Ann & family: William Boyle. Julie Ryall: James Ryall. Ena & Brian Hathway: Leonard Hathway. Janet Johnson: Dick Johnson. Muriel Bence: Eric Bence. Jean Rossiter: Gladys Cooper. Mrs E Cook: Len Cook. Margaret Leonard & family: Doris & Tom Maggs. Ron & Christine Button: Claire Baker (nee Button). Marilyn & Elaine: Mike Jelley. Kate Metcalf: Bert Metcalf. Myrtle Jelley: Les Jelley. Alex, Simon & family: John Pearson. Jean & Tony Blaker: Arthur Philpott. Jean & Tony Blaker: Edith Philpott. Jean & Tony Blaker: William Blaker. Jean & Tony Blaker: Elsie Blaker. Nancy Cooper: Roy Limbrick. Vera Goble: Ken Goble. Mum, John & Kara: Nathan Wright. Betty Roper: Bill Roper. Betty Roper: Sally Roper. Betty Roper: Chris Roper. G Pilcher: Greta Bence. Harold & Tina Coster: Jean Coster. The Green family: Brenda & Gordon

Maureen, Shirley, Graham & family: Ben Edie Gale. Sue, David, Diane & family: Michael Sharp.

Margaret Parnaby: Alan Parnaby. Elaine & Ian Porch: Alan Parnaby. Adele Haysom: Jacqueline Huygens. Mrs M J Legge: Percy Legge. Garth Watkins: Winnie Watkins. Mrs S Gordon: James Gordon. Marie Villis: Bob Gray. Mr W J Purkis: Phyllis May Purkis. Stella Porter: Jonathan Porter. Alice Heard: Gordon Heard. Margaret, Richard & Geoff Peters: Alan Peters. Chris Gale: Tony Gale. Mrs J G Collins: Peter J Collins. Sheila Daws: Councillor John Daws. Anita Wright: Ken Wright. June Dumont: Charles Dumont. Sheila, Caroline & mum: Michael Bessant (brother). Wife Floss & family: Jack Bessant. Sheila Terry: Vicki Moorlen. Sheila Terry: Irene O’Neil. Richard Hale: Ernest Hale. Richard Hale: Sybil Hale. Richard Hale: Penny Vince. Richard Hale: John Vince. Ann Bridgman: Barrie Howarth. Hilda Maycock: Cliff Maycock. Pat Gill: Doug & Eileen Williamson.