Cycling club using cameras to improve safety on roads

portishead cycling club

Members of Portishead Cycling Club have bought cameras for members, with the help of Avon and Somerset Police. - Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

A cycling club from Portishead is helping members to stay safe by investing in cameras to protect them against dangerous drivers. 

Portishead Cycling Club has purchased multiple sets of cycle-mounted cameras to protect members on the roads.

The group has been working closely with Avon and Somerset Police’s road policing unit as part of their ongoing work addressing the vulnerability of cyclists.
In the first six months of 2021, the force received 1,484 camera uploads with evidence of road related offences. This resulted in 1,667 warning and prosecution letters being issued. 
Portishead Cycling Club made a successful application to the Police Community Trust for a grant to purchase a number of front and rear camera light sets for use during all club rides.

As a further way to notify road users of these cameras, club ride leaders will be wearing hi-vis jackets that display a clear image of the video recording logo and the safe distance 1.5m overtake logo. 

Club chairman Rob Ellis said: “The cameras will go out on each separate club ride and we will be producing a user guide for our ride leaders to follow to make certain the cameras are used correctly and only for the purpose intended, plus how to report and download any incidents to the police for investigation.

"Part of this guide will clearly outline that the cameras will not only be recording how motorists are driving, but also how we are riding as well. This dual approach will give extra focus for our club riders to ride sensibly and by the rules too”.
PC Dan Cox, road safety officer said: “Cycling remains a safe and efficient way to travel and we attend very few serious collisions involving cyclists but, we want to keep it that way. More and more people are choosing to ride for leisure or as alternative to taking the car.
 “However, despite all best practices being adopted there are still a number of unfortunate and unwelcomed incidents that can occur, often putting riders in danger of injury, such as dangerous and close overtakes from drives, abuse and anger being directed at our riders, or even items thrown at them from vehicles.”

Cycling clubs are being encouraged to apply for funding. To find out more, log on to