Bristol Airport 'confident' after euro airline commits to daily routes

Bristol Airport. Picture: Bristol Airport

The airport hopes to offer regular air travel this year. - Credit: Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport has added to its list of daily routes available to passengers this summer once foreign travel bans are lifted in the UK.

Alongside the Lufthansa airline, Bristol Airport will provide regular flights to Frankfurt in Germany.

The airport's chief-executive believes that by committing the route, the airline has showcased confidence that regular air travel will be available again soon.

Dave Lees, left, and Liam Fox MP, right, both back calls for Covid-19 testing at Bristol Airport. Pi

Dave Lees, left, called the announcement 'incredibly positive news'. Picture taken before Covid-19. - Credit: Liam Fox MP

Dave Lees said: "This is incredibly positive news for Bristol Airport and the region.

"Lufthansa is a major global airline and this decision shows confidence in air travel returning to normal.

"We see great potential for this new service and will work with Lufthansa on other exciting route opportunities in the future.“

This follows the news that the airport will soon offer routes to the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos.

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Lufthansa's UK sales director, Andreas Köster, revealed the company is 'looking forward' to providing the flights to Bristol Airport.

The first flight on the route will take off on June 28.