Town the talk of China

PORTISHEAD is to be the subject of a documentary for Chinese television.

Former journalist Aili Purdy, who lives in Portishead, but is originally from Beijing, has teamed up with Chinese TV presenter Yue Parkinson to film a documentary detailing life in Portishead.

The professional artist and teacher said: “I know Portishead is a growing town, but compared to Beijing it is still a village. The community spirit is so lovely in Portishead, people support each other and do nice things to make the town a good place, the people of China will like to see that.”

Filming has already taken place at events like Portishead carnival and the raft race. Aili and Yue now want to concentrate on documenting daily life and their experiences in the community, before sending the film back to the production company in China for broadcasting.

Aili recently opened the Oriental Studio in Kestrel Court, Harbour Road. She exhibits her work at the studio which is open to the public on Sundays from 10am-2pm.

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