Town pulls together for water project

MEMBERS of the Nailsea community are being called on to work together to help deliver safe, clean water to a community in Uganda.

Leaders of all churches in the town have joined up to launch the Nailsea Uganda Water Project, which aims to raise enough money to provide a water supply to a village in the south west of the African country, home to 4,000 people.

At a meeting of Nailsea Town Council on March 30, Holy Trinity Church rector, Jolyon Trickey, and baptist church pastor Gary Woodall, delivered a presentation explaining their aspirations for the project.

Reverend Trickey said: “The project draws together the people of Nailsea to make a difference to those whose lives are much worse off than ours.

“We suggest we can change the pictures of children carrying water and drinking what is effectively sewage into pictures of free flowing, safe and easily accessible water.”

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It is hoped that people from all aspects of Nailsea life, including community leaders, businesses, groups and individuals, will work together to form a management group and raise the money required.

It is expected that about �90,000 will be needed to create a clean and sustainable water supply for one village and the scheme could take two to three years to complete.

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The community to benefit has not yet been chosen but the scheme is likely to involve a number of stages.

Firstly, a geological survey will be funded to find a clean and sustainable water source above the village. A water tank to collect the water will then be built, a trench will be dug from the tank to the village, pipes and finally taps will then be installed. A committee will then be appointed to maintain the system.

Once the system has been introduced, it is hoped that a link can be maintained between the villagers and Nailsea residents.

Rev Trickey has approached the Christian relief agency, Tearfund, which has agreed to support the initiative and also help to identify a community in south west Uganda that is in urgent need of a clean water supply.

Currently, women and children in Uganda will walk for two or three hours every day to fetch water, which is often polluted.

* To get involved or for more details contact Roger Evans on 01275 855806 or email him on or contact Jolyon Trickey on 01275 853227 or email him on

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