Town council piles on pylon pressure

NAILSEA Town Council has piled the pressure on to continue its fight against proposals for a huge power line near the town.

The council is pressing North Somerset Council to carry on opposing National Grid’s plans for the 400,000 volt power line, which will pass to the west of Nailsea near Tickenham and feature 150ft high pylons.

Following the announcement of the line’s route, National Grid will now consult on the detailed installation of the cables.

However, town and parish councils do not have a statutory role in this, meaning North Somerset Council will be representing the views of its residents to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC). The IPC will make the final decision on whether to allow National Grid’s proposals.

Town and district councillors Jan Barber and Jeremy Blatchford will be lobbying North Somerset Council on behalf of residents.

Town council chairman Rod Lees said: “Now the proposed route corridor has been announced, every effort must be made to limit the impact of the new transmission lines.

“The town council supports the view of all the lobby groups along the route that putting the lines underground should be the default position rather than the exception.”