Town council appeals for grit bin monitors in Portishead

Portishead town councillor, Bob Bull.

Portishead town councillor, Bob Bull. - Credit: Portishead Town Council

A town council is appealing for volunteer grit bin monitors as the winter months draw closer in North Somerset.  

More than 70 grit bins containing a combination of salt and grit are located in streets around Portishead, and its town council says in freezing conditions grit supplies can diminish quickly. 

Portishead town councillor, Bob Bull, said the bins tend to be used between November and February and the community service would ‘almost certainly’ only require a few voluntary hours a year. 

He added that the bins are important in the winter months and can help prevent accidents in public roads and pavements in town, and people who adopt a bin near their home could help the council improve its service of refilling them before they become empty in Portishead. 

Cllr Bull said: “We are appealing to the local Portishead community spirit to help us keep our grit bins in good working order this winter.

“While the council keeps an eye on the grit bins throughout the year, if local residents are willing to adopt a bin it could help us improve the service of refilling grit bins before they become completely empty in Portishead.  

“The bins only tend to be used between November and February so this community service would almost certainly require only a few voluntary hours a year, but the benefits to the community could be huge.” 

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Grit bins are provided in Portishead so that in freezing conditions, people can use grit from the bins to safely treat local roads and pavements if a gritter has been unable to do so. 

Cllr Bull added: “Grit bins are really important to the community in winter and their use can help prevent accidents.

"However, it is important that people realise the grit is for public roads and pavements, not private driveways.” 

Portishead Town Council is currently updating the list of grit bin locations in the town, which will appear on the council website soon.  

People who are willing to take guardianship of a grit bin near their home can volunteer by calling Portishead Town Council on 01275 847078, or email 

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