Thousands needed to fund village car park repairs

A BACKWELL charity is hoping to raise �43,000 to repair two car parks in the village.

Backwell Playing Fields Charity wants to raise the money to refurbish the facilities in West Town Road and Rodney Road which are in ‘a state of considerable disrepair’.

The car parks, which surround the playing fields, are used by junior football clubs, youth clubs, judo groups and a preschool and the charity is keen to get something done before problems arise.

Members also hope to put up a timer-controlled bollard at the entrance to the West Town Road car parks to prevent vandals from destroying the amenities.

Michael Pratt, committee chairman of the charity, said: “All three car parks are in a state of considerable disrepair and we have no means of raising the capital to repair them.

“The car parks have not been maintained because of a shortage of funds and we’ve had vandals coming in and using them as a dirt track. The car parks are very heavily used and need proper refurbishment.”

The charity has been unable to get a grant for the work and has now submitted an application for funding to Backwell Parish Council.

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Members will be holding meetings with councillors to find a solution.

Mr Pratt said: “We’ve made it very clear on the application that we don’t expect the council to give us the money instantly and we don’t think it can raise it, but we’ve got to work with the parish council to obtain the funds and do it over two or three years.

Mr Pratt said: “The car parks haven’t caused problems yet as we’ve been patching them up. But if you wait until there’s an accident to do anything then you’re in serious trouble.”

A third car park in West Town Road also needs repair work carried out, but the charity hopes to refurbish that after work on the other two has been completed.