Tesco noise report is flawed - claim

A NOISE report included in a planning application for Tesco’s proposed store in Portishead is flawed and inadequate, according to residents.

The report, carried out in May by consultants KR Associates, is an assessment of noise levels which will be created by plant equipment Tesco wants to install when it converts the former Royal Oak pub at West Hill into a Tesco Express. Because the report was carried out in May, when residents were unaware of Tesco’s plans, the noise assessment was not carried out from properties which will be most affected, but from an alternative point which the report says is equivalent.

Malcolm Kemp, who lives adjacent to the proposed store, spent 10 days studying the noise report and says the point from which the noise levels have been calculated is not equivalent.

He said: “This report is inadequate, flawed and inept and I sincerely hope that the councillors considering the planning application will see this.

“The assessment is done from a point adjacent to West Hill but not from our gardens or bedroom windows where it will affect us most.”

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The noise created by plant equipment is calculated by taking the noise output from the equipment and subtracting the levels of background noise. Residents say the point at which the assessment has been carried out has significantly higher levels of background noise than their properties and so the suggested increase in noise pollution is incorrect.

Mr Kemp added: “The point where the background noise has been measured is exposed to all the noise from the Triangle and Avon Way shopping areas, unlike the rear of the properties which will be affected by the plant installation.”

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Pat Gardener, who lives in Quantock Road, which backs on to the Royal Oak site, added: “We are worried this incorrect calculation will hoodwink decision makers at North Somerset Council into believing the increased noise will be within acceptable levels.”

More than 2,000 residents have signed a petition against the opening of Tesco in West Hill. An action group has been formed to fight the development which members say will significantly affect nearby homes and businesses.

When the pub was open, it was reputed to have had around 30 customers per day but Tesco could have up to 1,000 customers a day which residents say will have a huge impact upon people living in the area.

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