Temperatures set to rise - forecasters say

COVER up, seek shade and do not burn - that is the message from North Somerset health experts for the weekend.

Weather forecasters say temperatures are set to rise once more this weekend and the sun is set to come out for longer than five minutes.

But health experts are warning sun worshippers to beware of the dangers of getting burnt.

NHS North Somerset has started a campaign to raise awareness of the damages of not covering up in the heat.

While the British summer may have been bit of a wash-out, the sun does not have to shine for the ultraviolet A and B rays to cause damage to our skin.

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Health officials are also getting the message out to those travelling abroad to sunnier destinations about the risks of burning.

On average there are 9,693 cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year in England and 1,391 of those are in the South West. Dr Ardiana Gjini, consultant in public health for North Somerset, said: “You don’t have to avoid the sun completely, but be sure to protect your skin, all parts that may be exposed to the sun when you might be out and about for a few hours.”

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Health experts say sunscreens should not be used as an alternative to clothing and shade, but provide additional protection.

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