Teens collared for car damage

TEENAGE vandals have left a trail of damage thought to be worth thousands of pounds after gouging deep scratches into the paintwork of numerous cars in Clevedon.

At least 12 vehicles in Knowles Road, Lower Knowles Road, Old Church Road and Lower Queens Road were left with multiple, deep scrapes running along the side of them in the space of just 24 hours.

Two teenagers responsible were caught in the act by one of the cars’ owners and have now been arrested and bailed by police.

The incidents happened on August 6 and 7, with at least four vehicles outside the premises of Kit Box, a supplier of cake decorating equipment, and M Powell Windows both in Knowles Road being targeted.

Sisters Kate and Jacqui Hayes, who work at Kit Box, had their cars vandalised on consecutive days. On August 7, a colleague spotted teenagers huddled around Kate’s Renault Scenic.

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She ran out and managed to collar one at the nearby Morrison’s petrol station before marching the 15-year-old back to her work and calling the police.

As a result, two 15-year-old boys have been arrested and interviewed in connection with the damage. They have both been released on police bail until August 30.

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Kate, aged 35, said: “I’ve been given a quote for about �1,000 to repair the damage as the scratches are so deep.”

Karen Squires, director of M Powell Windows, said: “I am absolutely fuming about it.

“It is just needless vandalism and it is infuriating.

“They must be so stupid – we were in our offices looking out of the window when they did it.

“They are really not aware of the huge cost of the damage they have caused.”

Martin Mills, of Lower Knowles Road, had two of his cars targeted by the vandals and is now considering suing for damages.

He said: “This is not the first time this has happened to me.

“I was absolutely furious. Why have they not got anything better to do?”

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