Taking pride in their work

Members of Clevedon Pride in Queens Square

Members of Clevedon Pride in Queens Square - Credit: supplied

CLEVEDON’S town centre has been transformed into a colourful, welcoming area popular with residents and visitors thanks to the work of Clevedon Pride.

Members of Clevedon Pride in Queens Square

Members of Clevedon Pride in Queens Square - Credit: supplied

The voluntary group was set up five years ago to tackle the deterioration of Queens Square and the surrounding area.

As well as carrying out regular litter picks, the group’s members have been responsible for the town centre floral displays and some of the annual Christmas illuminations.

The group raises £10,000-12,000 each year to fund its activities and holds regular events including a spring fair, which this year will take place in Queens Square from 10am-3pm on May 31.

In recognition of its work, last year Clevedon Pride was awarded the highest honour possible for a voluntary group, a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

Clevedon Pride member Katie Bright said: “The centre of the lower town used to be dirty and neglected, with evidence of vandalism and graffiti.

“Benches remained broken and the ponds in Queens Square, left over from an earlier landscaping scheme, were derelict and choked with rubbish.

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“Clevedon Pride cleaned up the area, repairing benches, providing pot plants and hanging baskets and converting the ponds into flower beds.

“As a result, vandalism has been greatly reduced and a depressing, rough and unappealing part of Clevedon has been transformed into an attractive, popular and lively place, which has benefited the shop and cafés surrounding the area. “Morrison’s, the adjacent supermarket, gives an annual donation and there is a constant stream of anonymous small donations from individuals in recognition of these achievements.”

Clevedon Pride is in need of more willing volunteers to help make the town a better place to live in.

Anyone who can spare some free time to do some gardening, litter picking or to help at a fundraising event, should email KatieBright at katezkraftz@orangehome.co.uk