Superhero Santas take to the streets

MEMBERS of a campaign group for fathers’ rights will be coming to Clevedon and Nailsea this weekend dressed as Superhero Santas.

New Fathers 4 Justice is launching Dad Vent, which it describe as a display of ‘civil disobedience and disruption’.

The group will meet near Morrisons supermarket in Clevedon from 10-11.30am on Saturday before moving on to Nailsea, with members gathering in Christ Church Close, near the Crown Glass Shopping Centre, at 3pm.

A spokesman for the group said: “Fathers have been let down by the recent family law review and it is no wonder groups like New Fathers 4 Justice are lining up to climb roofs again and cause whatever disruption necessary to highlight this injustice.

““Children need contact with both a mother and a father and with extended families to have a happy childhood.”

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