Square targeted in vandalism spree

A VOLUNTARY group in Clevedon is calling for arrests to be made after vandals rampaged through Queens Square, trampling on flowers and shrubs and smashing shop windows.

On Sunday morning shocked residents awoke to see the floral displays ruined, soil strewn across the shopping area and the windows of Bargain Booze smashed.

The flowers in the square are planted and maintained by around 20 volunteers from Clevedon Pride who work hard to ensure the town looks attractive all year round.

The vandalism took place on Saturday night right under a CCTV camera and members want the offenders to be brought to justice.

Clevedon Pride founder, Mike Bisacre said: “Clevedon Pride volunteers go in to plant it all and work very hard trying to make it look nice, then some little g**s trample all over the flowers and tip over the tubs.

“This is the third time it’s happened this year. Whenever it’s happened we’ve asked the police and North Somerset Council to look into it but nobody is ever caught.

“One of the tubs was right underneath a CCTV camera. If the council tax payers are paying for the CCTV then we expect it to be effective.

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“This time we intend to get something done about it. We are going to keep on to North Somerset and the police to make sure someone is prosecuted so it will act as a deterrent.

“It’s quite disheartening but we don’t intend to give up. We can’t let vandals get the better of us.”

Clevedon Pride volunteers spent Sunday morning clearing up the mess and replanting the flowers at their own expense.

A second shop was also targeted by vandals a week earlier. The window of Books and Puzzles in the Triangle was smashed on October 8, but a tree blocked the view of the CCTV camera which should have recorded the offenders.

Sector inspector Steve Dave said: “We’ve had a complaint over some damage to some flowers and tubs on Saturday night. We will be seizing North Somerset Council’s CCTV footage and having a look at it to try to identify the culprits. We’ll do all we can to identify and arrest them.”

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