Specsavers support Christmas lights

PORTISHEAD Christmas lights have had a boost from a new opticians in the town.

Specsavers, which moved into the Precinct earlier this year, has pledged �2,000 sponsorship over the next four years to ensure that the lights extend right into the Precinct.

Lights spokesman Dennis O’Neill, who clinched the deal with Specsavers director David Perrigo, said: “This support from Specsavers will make a big difference to the Precinct as we will now be able to add an extra run of lights as far as the opticians and into the Precinct trees. Support like this from local businesses means the Portishead Christmas Lights just keep getting better and better.”

Portishead Christmas Lights will be switched on at 6.30pm on November 29 from the Precinct in High Street.