Portishead shop donates 700 pairs of shoes to kids in Kenya


More than 700 children in Mombasa, Kenya were donated shoes and socks. - Credit: SoleLution

A Portishead shopowner has returned to work after delivering more than 700 pairs of shoes and socks to children in Kenya.

Tanya Marriott acquired the shoes through collection boxes at her shoestore, SoleLution, on the town's High Street.

Team SoleLution, made up of 11 volunteers, visited a school in Mombasa, spending three days to fit the shoes correctly for almost all the pupils.


Tanya Marriott travelled to Mombasa in January to help fit more than 700 shoes. - Credit: SoleLution

Mrs Marriott said: “A huge thank you to everyone who donated shoes, socks, cases, time and money.

"In addition, thanks to the volunteers who joined us on our journey to help in Mombasa this year, it was incredible.

"It was another amazing trip; I just hope that I can convey the difference our customers’ generosity makes to the lives of these children in Africa."

SoleLution has collected second-hand school shoes donated by customers for Educate The Kids, a charity that helps children to a better future in Africa.

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Tanya travelled to Jolaurabi School in Mombasa, in 2018 when she fitted more than 300 shoes.


Tanya previously made the trip in 2018 when she donated 300 pairs of shoes. - Credit: SoleLution

She added: "It is a huge experience seeing how these people live but despite having very little they are extremely happy. They are also very grateful for the opportunity of an education and the support they receive from us.”


The shoes were donated through Portishead's SoleLution store. - Credit: SoleLution