Slower speed limit outside school?

A SLOWER speed limit could be introduced outside a Clevedon school after plans to install a traffic calming measure were thrown out by town councillors.

Members of Clevedon Town Council voted against proposals to create a build-out in Highdale Road on the grounds they did not think it would help slow traffic passing the entrance to St Nicholas Chantry Primary School.

The build-out would have given right of way to cars driving up the hill and would have been installed in a section of the road near a small overhead bridge.

During the meeting on December 1, some councillors felt the �5,000 scheme would not be effective and suggested that parents could drop their children off at the second school entrance in Highdale Avenue instead.

Some also said they thought a speed hump or a 20mph speed limit would be more effective.

Councillor Carl Francis-Pester said: “The build-out is expensive and not cost effective.

“We cannot keep spending money on these schemes that may not work.”

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However, Councillor David Shopland felt the scheme was needed to ensure the safety of all pedestrians.

He said: “We would not have had a meeting about this without being approached by a number of people.

“It is not the best solution but it is the solution that North Somerset Council will sanction at this time.

“One of the reasons this was brought forward by residents was that there is no pavement near the bottom of the hill.”

During the meeting, six councillors voted in favour of the build-out but seven voted against it.

Now, North Somerset Council is looking at the possibility of introducing an advisory 20mph limit outside the school.

A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “We are looking at introducing an advisory 20mph speed limit and improving road lining and signage.

“There is potential for a resurfacing scheme in the same area so we would look to try to tie the works in together.

“However, nothing has yet been confirmed and so we cannot give a date for this.”