Sleep-deprived residents look forward to a peaceful night

RESIDENTS blighted by late-night noise from a Clevedon industrial estate could soon enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

People living near Tweed Road Industrial Estate have for years heard constant banging and crashing coming from units leased from North Somerset Council by a company called Toll Global Forwarding.

At all hours, residents say they hear lorries being loaded and unloaded, wooden pallets being broken up and a conveyor belt being operated.

However, after years of disturbed sleep, the residents may have won their fight with the revelation the company is planning to move to a new site in Avonmouth.

Janice Sepe, who lives in Churchill Avenue with her husband Pino, said: “We have lived here since 2006 but I know neighbours who lived here before then had made complaints.

“In the past two or three years the noise seems to have got worse.

“Some nights we hear 10-12 lorries being loaded up.

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“I would be greatly relieved if the company does move.”

After reporting the issue to North Somerset Council’s environmental health department earlier this year, Mr and Mrs Sepe were among many households asked to keep a diary of the noises from the units. They also had sound recording equipment set up in their bedroom to officially monitor the level of noise.

The residents have worked with North Somerset councillor Nick Pennycott to tackle the issue.

He said: “We would definitely expect any new business moving into the units to have a restriction placed on it, especially as it is so close to residential properties.”

A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “The council leases out units on this part of Tweed Road to various tenants and all the lettings are under standard commercial leases.

“The inclusion of restricted hours of working would not be normal practice in commercial leases and we do not include such in any of the Tweed Road leases. However, they do contain clauses requiring the tenants not to cause a nuisance/disturbance.

“While it can be subjective as to what is a nuisance or not we have made it clear the tenant needs to review its working practices.”

A fleet manager for Toll Global Forwarding confirmed the company is hoping to relocate to Avonmouth, subject to a licence being approved by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

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