‘Skimmers’ steal bank card details

SHOPPERS and residents in Clevedon have had money taken from their bank accounts after their cards were skimmed at a cash machine in the town.

The culprits have stolen money from their victims’ accounts within hours of their card details being copied using ATM machines at destinations around the UK, including Merthyr Tydfil in Wales.

The police have so far had 10 people report the problem to them. However, it is thought many more have gone straight to their banks.

A skimming device was found attached to the card slot of the cash machine outside Lloyds TSB in The Triangle on October 23 and it is not yet known how long it was there for.

It is also possible a similar strip was used to skim cards at the cash machine outside Morrisons in Great Western Road.

The strip found on the Lloyds TSB machine is now being looked at by forensics officers and police are analysing CCTV footage to see if they can spot someone attaching the strip or someone making a withdrawal at a machine elsewhere.

Clevedon’s Police Community Support Officer Peter Hughes said: “If people have had money taken from their accounts then the first port of call should be their bank.

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“A lot of banks will let customers know about any suspicious withdrawals before they have even noticed the money has gone.

“When at an ATM, check to see if you can see anything unusual and maybe even pull around the card slot to make sure there is no cover over it.

“This should all be one complete piece and nothing should come away.”

If bank customers have had their card details stolen but still have their cards, their bank is then registered as the victim.

Anyone who has had money taken from their accounts should be able to then get it back from their bank.