Siren tests confuse residents

A MONTHLY siren test in Portishead is causing confusion among newer residents in the town.

On the third day of each month at 3pm an audible test involves a three-minute alert warning followed by one-minute of silence and a one-minute all clear signal.

The sirens, which are the responsibility of the Severnside Sirens Trust, are designed to warn people living in Portishead of any potential dangers from chemical sites at Avonmouth.

Teresa Williams who moved to Port Marine two years ago said: “I always wonder if we should be jumping in our cars and getting out of town when the siren goes but no-one else seems to take any notice so I guess it doesn’t mean anything and just carry on about my business.”

If the sirens sound at any other time residents are advised to go inside, close their windows and doors, stay inside and tune in to local radio which will immediately be alerted of the situation and provide people with further information.