Sheepway Meats look for new sausage flavours

A BUTCHERS shop on the outskirts of Portishead is searching for a new sausage flavour for the festive season.

Joanna Crossman of Sheepway Meats, based at Shipway Gate Farm in Sheepway, has launched a competition to find a new flavour to tempt their Christmas customers.

The farmer’s daughter is asking members of the public to put their ideas forward in a suggestion box at the farm shop.

Joanna and her staff started making their own sausages more than a year ago and have built up a good range of flavours ranging from traditional pork or beef, to pork and leek and beef and Guinness.

John Harding, the shop butcher, is famous for his champagne and truffle sausages that ITVs Richard and Judy once sent a courier to his shop in Clifton for.

Joanna said: “There is no end to the different flavours you can produce in a sausage but we want to hear what the people of Portishead and Portbury want to see on their plate.

“Christmas is a time when people like to eat the finer things in life, so we are keen to spice up their sausages for them.”

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Sheepway Meats is open Thursday to Saturday for people wanting to suggest new flavours or for further information call 397000.