Security warning after burglaries

POLICE in Clevedon are urging residents to assess their home security after a number of properties were targeted by burglars.

In the past month, six houses in the upper part of the town have been broken into by thieves who were able to get in through back doors or patio doors.

The burglaries took place in Thackeray Road, Dial Hill Road, Kings Road and Robin Lane, as well as two which occurred in Edward Road South in one night.

Items including money, jewellery, golf clubs and mountain bikes were stolen during the raids along with many more personal possessions.

PCSO Caroline Harris said: “For some reason they all have taken place in the upper part of Clevedon.

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“We need to try to highlight people’s crime prevention.

“People need to make sure their back gates are locked.

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“If they have got outside lights, make sure they are working. If you don’t bother to repair broken lights then that gives a really bad message out about your home security.”

Other crime prevention tips include having gravel on the driveway or near downstairs doors and windows so footsteps can be heard, making sure doors and windows are locked, planting spiky bushes near windows and placing obstacles in the way near garden gates and fences.

At this time of year, residents are also being warned not to leave Christmas presents on show in their homes or in their cars while out shopping.

Any elderly or vulnerable residents as well as victims of crime can take advantage of Avon and Somerset police’s free Bobby Van service.

It involves a visit from a trained carpenter who will assess their security and fit new items such as locks and chains where they are needed.

Anyone wanting to use this service can call 101 or apply online using the force website at

Members of Clevedon’s police team will also be in Queens Square from 10am-1pm on December 19 giving out crime prevention advice.

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