Scheme to target bogus callers

NO COLD calling zones will be set up in Clevedon in a bid to prevent salespeople and bogus callers targeting the elderly and vulnerable.

PCSO Caroline Harris is working on the scheme with North Somerset Trading Standards and hopes to set up the first of such zones in the town very soon.

The project will see certain streets designated as no cold calling areas, deterring salespeople from approaching homes within them and giving residents the confidence to say no to anyone who does call at their door.

Any streets which agree to take part will see bold signs put up at each entrance to the road and stickers also given to residents to put on their front door or window.

PCSO Harris said: “If people knock on your door and you say you are in a no cold calling zone they will normally disappear pretty quick.

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“If they do hang around you can call the police, who will have a record of which streets are part of the scheme, and nearby officers will be contacted.

“Unfortunately, roads with bungalows do get targeted by bogus callers as they tend to have more elderly people living there.

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“We have had distraction burglaries in the town.

“This should be enough to deter people from going down certain roads.”

For the project to work, every household in each street needs to support the idea.

PCSO Harris will soon send out letters to some of the first roads she hopes will be part of the scheme. If no residents object to the idea, a second letter will then be sent out to advice residents that a no cold calling zone will be created.

Funding is now being sought to allow enough signs to be bought to cover the first 20 roads PCSO Harris hopes will become such zones.

Clevedon PACT has agreed to give some money as has Clevedon Neighbourhood Watch.

Anyone wishing to fund or sponsor a zone can email

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