Safety measures for accident black spot

EXTRA safety measures will be installed at an accident black spot in Backwell where cars regularly crash into walls and where several people have been injured.

Concerned residents and councillors have been campaigning for something to be done in West Town Road for years to slow cars down as they come into the village from Chelvey.

At the bend near the Rising Sun pub there have been 11 injury accidents recorded in the past five years, three of which involved serious injuries.

One resident who lives near the bend has had to have her wall rebuilt numerous times due to cars crashing through it as they speed around the bend.

North Somerset Council is now planning to add a non-slip surface to the road, install an extra warning sign to encourage drivers to slow down and make improvements to the street lighting in the area.

The work, which will cost �30,000 and will begin in October, will also see the road’s drainage improved to prevent surface water collecting

North Somerset councillor for Backwell, Karen Barclay, said: “There is a particular problem on the bend coming in to Backwell near the Rising Sun. It wouldn’t be a problem if people didn’t speed, but the camber of the bend sends them off in the wrong direction and it’s worse if it’s been raining.

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“Some of the accidents could have been nasty, particularly if pedestrians had been nearby at the time. We are very pleased the council is doing something about it.”

Jacki Sutton, of West Town Road, is currently having her wall rebuilt after a car knocked part of it down while she and her family were on holiday.

She said: “Any improvements the council makes would be good because it’s a very narrow pavement and somebody is going to be killed.

“I think the non-slip surface will certainly help. But I also think a camera should be considered because that would definitely slow cars down.”

Backwell Parish Council has written to North Somerset Council in support of the new safety measures and also to express a wish to keep the existing flashing speed sign where it is rather than moving it 80m nearer to the village as proposed.