Safety fears spark town centre protest

A PROTEST was held in Clevedon’s town centre to stop dangerous drivers using a road only meant for deliveries.

Members of the community group Clevedon Pride, along with parents and traders from the town, gathered at the entrance to Station Road on Saturday morning waving placards to stop the road being used as a cut-through.

Traders and residents in the area have become increasingly concerned about the number of cars using the one-way street to reach some shops and other areas of the town centre.

Station Road runs alongside Queens Square and is made up of block paving giving it the appearance of a pedestrianised area. It is only meant to be used for deliveries to the shops along it.

A bollard is due to be installed at the entrance of Station Road to stop other drivers using it as a shortcut, which can be lifted up and down to let certain vehicles into the road.

Julie Bisacre, a member of Clevedon Pride and owner of Present Company in Station Road, said: “We all appreciate that there may be some teething problems initially but I think that once we have all got used to the bollard system it will be fine.

“We are all very concerned that a child my get knocked over.

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“Station Road is used as a cut-through and there is one lad who regularly drives round to Greggs to get a pasty - he tears round the corners.

“The problem is the road looks as though it is pedestrianised.

“The business owners and residents are concerned about a death.

“When I’m working in my shop I often hear the screech of brakes and mothers shouting to their children as they begin to cross the road.”

North Somerset and Clevedon town councillor Linda Knott has been lobbying for the bollard to be installed for more than a year and in March Clevedon Town Council agreed to earmark �3,000 into this year’s budget for it to be installed.

Tonight (Wed), the council’s transport and highways committee will discuss where the bollard will go in Station Road.