Roundabout for busy junction

A MINI roundabout will be installed at a controversial junction in Portishead.

A MINI roundabout will be installed at a controversial junction in Portishead.

Following the removal of the traffic lights at the Cabstand, High Street and Wyndham Way junction, North Somerset Council now plans to paint a small roundabout on the road to make it easier for drivers to negotiate the junction.

The new addition at the junction of High Street and Wyndham Way is expected to be introduced on March 28, subject to weather conditions, and will cost about �2,000.

North Somerset Council’s director of development and environment, David Turner, said: “We are very pleased the traffic light switch-off was so well received, and we hope this change will be equally helpful to people travelling through Cabstand.

“We want to know if it is successful as this is a trial. We will either keep or remove the roundabout based on users’ feedback and our own research.

“Whether you drive, cycle or walk through the area you can tell us about your experience by filling in our online questionnaire.”

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Engineers will be carrying out other research during the trial including monitoring traffic, queues and safety.

Unless there are any serious problems, it will be monitored for three months before a final decision is taken to keep it or take it away.

Users of the Cabstand area can give their feedback at once the mini-roundabout has been installed

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